WandCast the Podcast

The Host: Kestrel ShadowThistle of The ShadowThistle School of Wizardry.

The Co-Hosts: Dustin MoonCatcher and David TitanRider (cousins) of Wizard 101 Information.

Contact Us:

  1. Kestrel Email: shadowthistle@aol.com
  2. Kestrel Twitter: @shadowthistle
  3. Kestrel Skype: kestrelshadowthistle
  4. David Email: davidtitanrider@gmail.com
  5. David Twitter: @titanrider101
  6. David Skype: david_titanrider
  7. Dustin Email: wizard101stuff@gmail.com
  8. Dustin Twitter: @mooncatcher101
  9. Dustin Skype: dustinmooncatcher

Guest Staring Information:

We’re inviting you… YES YOU… to be on WandCast. Got a Wizard 101 blog, eh? Wanna publicize? WOOT! WandCast is the place for you! Send us an email (above) so that you can be on WandCast, live or not! You can come up with a segment idea, and we’ll be SURE to test your skills in Trivia and Make the Connection. A Skype connection is required (we’ll be doing audio chatting only so have a microphone, so there’s no need to have a webcam), as well as an email account or Twitter (our contact information is above). Also, definitely make sure that your parent(s)/guardian(s) are fine  with you coming on Skype to talk with us. It’s really very important. Please contact us as soon as you know that you can be on WandCast so that we can organize you coming on as quickly as possible and be ready for future episodes!

Download Episodes:

Clicky-clicky on these links! They’re gonna take you to a Google Docs page where you can download each and every episode! I wanna make it clear that that is the ONLY way to listen to WandCast (by downloading them). Just download them, it won’t take long. Then, if you like, go ahead and delete it! Come back here to download & listen again! Um, BELOW-

1) For Episode 1 of WandCast, click here.

2) For Episode 2 of WandCast, click here.

3) For Episode 3 of WandCast, click here.


One Response to “WandCast the Podcast”

  1. Nathan Says:

    What in the world is wandcast? Could someone tell me?

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