TinyChat Broadcast Info

Here’s all the info that you’ll ever need on our TinyChat chatroom, tinychat.com/wizard101info.

Basic Rules-

Okay,  so with all the crazy stuff that’s happened on the web like all that junk on MySpace or whatever, we’ve decided that we need to set down some guidelines for our chatroom. The most important thing that I have to say is this: we really don’t want to know what you look like. David and I will be broadcasting our voices only out to the web for you to enjoy. It’s fine with us if you choose to broadcast alongside us with your microphone, too. But we don’t want to see your face. Please, don’t broadcast your webcam on our chatroom. If you do, we’ll have to ban you, which pains us! Just PLEASE no Real Life information at all. Don’t, don’t, don’t, make your chatroom nickname your Real Name! Just make it your Wizard 101 name! Simple, people. I think that sums up the rules well enough… For any questions about what you can or can’t do, email us at wizard101stuff@gmail.com.

“Set-Time” Broadcasts-

As I hope I’ve (Dustin) made clear, I don’t think that our chatroom should be considered a “podcast”. I think of it like a virtual telephone, where you can chat with your fellow Wizards during duels about strategy, or whatever :) David and I will sometimes set specific times for when we’re definitely going to be broadcasting to a big audience. Otherwise, we’re going to be broadcasting usually whenever we’re online. If you’re on our Lists and you see that we’re online, it might be worth checking the chatroom. Here’s where we’ll post a “set-time” broadcast…


How to Broadcast

If you’re wondering how to broadcast alongside David and I, this video guide I made should take care of all your issues.

So please, enjoy our broadcasts!


2 Responses to “TinyChat Broadcast Info”

  1. Kinda Sudden, But TINYCHAT! « Wizard 101 Information Says:

    […] here to go to our chatroom. Click here to find out how to broadcast […]

  2. Lizzie Says:

    I can not click the ‘ Allow ‘ button on my TinyChat broadcasting screen .! But on other webcam broadcasting websites, I can. ? HELP ME

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