The Grand Wizard Council

The location of the Grand Wizard Council can be found by clicking here. Thank’s very much to the Merlin’s Resistance for taking on the responsibility of the Council. May the Old GWC be remembered passionately:





The HighMaster of the GWC is

David TitanRider, LVL 50 Pyromancer

The Vice HighMaster of the GWC is

Dustin MoonCatcher, LVL 50 Diviner

School of Fire

Senior Representative: Samantha ThunderDust

School of Storm

Senior Representative: Dustin MoonCatcher

School of Ice

Senior Representative:

Junior Representative:

School of Life

Senior Representative: Kestrel ShadowThistle

Junior Representative: Alia LotusPetal

School of Myth

Senior Representative: Amber StarGem

Junior Representative: Esmee GhostWhisper

School of Death

Senior Representative: Tyler SkullDust

School of Balance

Senior Representative: Chase WillowWeaver

Junior Representative: Malorn WillowSmith


47 Responses to “The Grand Wizard Council”

  1. GWC’s New Recruits & Some Other Stuff « Wizard 101 Information Says:

    […] just want to say some things about the GWC, because tonight, it was advanced hugely where infrastructure is […]

  2. sgwiz Says:

    i have like a lvl 47 death can i apply for the junior division or am i toast
    life is filled that scracthes my grandmaster if we need to meet how about today 1.00 eastern vampire area 1

  3. sgwiz Says:

    dude still need put me in there or does tyler have to talk with cody or something

  4. Tour of the Grand Wizard Council « Wizard 101 Information Says:

    […] For more info on the GWC & Omega Team, click here. […]

  5. wizard101info Says:

    Hey Dustin What the “heckhound” (get it? ya know fire spell) is the “OMEGA” TEAM?????????


  6. GWC As Of December 14 « Wizard 101 Information Says:

    […] What positions’ are currently open to the public? This one is clearly explained here. […]

  7. Moomoogomoo Says:

    Darnit. I’m balance i can’t join…

  8. Moomoogomoo Says:

    can i still hang out w/ you guys or something?

  9. Moomoogomoo Says:

    BTW~ i think your whole idea of (~davids?~) the house is really neat, with the desks and all.. :D I love this blog.

  10. Moomoogomoo Says:

    I sent to emails to “” idk if you got to them or what..

  11. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    Hi, I’m Connor Shadowstalker, more commonly known as just Shadowstalker, and I’d like to try for the junior Storm position against the person you already have there. Is that all right? STORM ROX! *ahem* excuse me for that. Thanks!

  12. Moomoogomoo Says:

    i sent a reply

  13. Moomoogomoo Says:

    Can you delete these messages? ^

    i feel like im obsessed…

    (including this one)

  14. alex Says:

    Dustin seth told me to be on the GWC I have to put a comment here so I am
    Did you get my app
    Tell me if I need anything else

  15. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    i am seth real life friend and he told me that i can maybe get a gws as a death junior

  16. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    my bad gwc

  17. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    hi dustin and david plz put me as death junior i really want to be it i am very happy that you emailed me dustin and saying that i maybe could be the death junior thank you very much :) :) :) from jonathan death stalker

  18. jonathandeathstalker Says:


  19. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    dustin and david rule how did you make a website so cool it is a mystery

  20. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    sry for so many comments i just really want to be death junior

  21. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    am i going to be in death junior plz put me on it

  22. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    i am not ready for death junior sry

  23. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    just kiding no i am not jk

  24. sgwiz Says:


  25. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    i really want to be junior death i was just kiding about that i really want to be junior death plz plz plz i really really really want to be junior death plz :) :) :) :) :) :) :) thank you from : jonathan death stalker to: dustin and david

  26. Moomoogomoo Says:

    Geez i thought i was obsessed

  27. sgwiz Says:

    LOL but john’s heart is good he can do it

  28. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    i might be the death junior :)

  29. lacrosse Says:

    Lacrosse is the best sport on earth. GO MYTH MASTER!

  30. Amber Stargem Says:

    sorry bout that last comment. That was my highly idiotic and annoying brother jared.

  31. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    when you get the new cloth of junior death send me it by mail k dustin

  32. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    send me it by email k dustin

  33. sgwiz Says:

    Dude Friendly for death senior for death senior

  34. Amber Stargem Says:

    wa wa wa wait there seth. Didnt we say that no famous people! Besides, Friendly doesnt really go on that much. (no offense friendly)

  35. sgwiz Says:

    arent you the myth master and i run a blog as well

  36. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    I would like to reapply for the Junior Storm position please. I’m Connor Shadowstalker, more commonly known as just Shadowstalker. Sadly, I usually have a very busy schedule and am not able to get on more than once a week, so that limits my time to be on the council. STORM ROX! *ahem* excuse me for that. Thanks!

  37. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    Oh, I’m a level 31 Storm and my email is

  38. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    Oops, I entered the wrong email. Dustin or David, can you please delete that post and instead use that would be great!

  39. Alexis Shadowheart Says:

    I loved the first part of the video o:!!! :) the sundaes were awesome too.
    !!! sry for the fake email, I’m just too lazy to type the real one o:!!!
    nice home I: I have the same kind O:

    !!! o ya, and I’m a lvl 50 death (second school fire)

    peace out O:
    Lexi ShadowHeart :D!!!

  40. M.W.S Says:

    I would like to apply for the balance junior representative. Even though I have much more popularity and xp than Chase.

  41. M.W.S Says:

    Um, did you use Windows Movie Maker how did you double the rate that fast?

    • wizard101info Says:

      No, actually… I have this software on my PC (free download, NOT illegal) called Hypercam. For some reason, it just doubles the rate…. There’s no editing in any of my movies besides maybe a bit of trimming…

  42. jonathan death stalker Says:

    hi it is jonathan

  43. Pallamas Says:

    This Grand Wizard Council is amazing! I actually had sorta an idea like this a long time ago, but I hated it, then stared it again, and now its up an running pretty well! Its on my website, clicky clicky my name. And, To Dustin: Thanks for that “Secret Chat”, I sure am sad to hear it though :(.

  44. sean Says:

    it me death wizard sean (flicks his long black hair) a magus

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