Quest Catcher

Running into a quest that’s pretty tough?

Just WISHING you had the help of a high level wizard?

We think this is definitely a solution.

This page is supposed to help people with real tough quests that they simply can’t do alone. On this page, you can leave a comment with your quest like the preview below.

Dustin MoonCatcher (DEFINITELY include Wizard name)

Defeat 12 Draconian Warriors (include the quest)

The Tower Archives, Dragonspyre (include the quest location)

Ambrose,  Area 1, 12:00 PM EASTERN TIME

(if possible, please convert your time to Eastern Time, ’cause thats where David & I are, yo; if you cannot convert to eastern time, then leave your own time “setting” and we can convert it)

The Basilica (include a meeting place)

So what are you waiting for? COME ON WIZARDS! WE WILL HELP YOU IF WE CAN! MERCENARIES FOR HIRE! Also, note that we WILL NOT reply to the comment if it isn’t using the format above. Please note that you MUST have Text Chat or + (NOT MENU CHAT!!!) to use the Quest Catcher feature. This is due only to the slight inconvenience of the Menu Chat for group questing. My apologies…


34 Responses to “Quest Catcher”

  1. Patrick Says:

    hi my name on wizard 101 is mathew seagem and i heard to get to marylebone i need to defeat krokopatra and it is really hard for me when i have to do the test of aptitude (the one where u can go into the portkey and defeat krokopatra pls help!!!! and if it would help u more go on ahead and tell me the whole thing!!!! just pls pls help!!!

  2. David Titanrider Says:

    Hey Matthew David Titanrider here. PLEASE RESPOND WITH A TIME(EASTERN STANDARD TIME) AND A LOCATION TO MEET YOU THERE OKAY?. Until we meet again Keep on casting!

  3. wizard101info Says:

    Right on, David T. Be sure to check out the new “Our Team” page!

  4. fallon Says:

    hi my name is fallon daisythorn. i dont have a questing problem per say i just have a question i am fairly new to wiz101, and i have a question about schools and spell cards. how do i upgrade my spells? i am still casting imps while those around me are casting cyclpos and other cool spells i am level 17 so i am ure tha i have moved up enough to cast better spells. please respond via email to the address provided Thanks Fallon

    • wizard101info Says:

      Please do not post questions about the game here only quests. We will make a page for questions PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR THE QUEST CATCHER COMMENTS.

  5. fallon Says:

    by the way my time zone is eastern -Fallon

  6. anna moruzzi Says:

    what level do you get colosous bld im on the free side and im just woundering running out of quest to do

  7. wizard101info Says:

    Hey Fallon its me David so heres what you need to do find a time on a saturday or sunday and a server (example Falmea area 1) and let me know

    Keep on casting!

  8. wizard101info Says:

    by the way make the time zone EASTERN plz.

  9. Blaze SHadow sword Says:

    easyest quest ever halloween quests

  10. Dustin death sword Says:

    Hi my name is Dustin death sword people say that to go to marley bone i needed to beat all the krokopotia quests which i think i have cause already got the hero of krokotopia badge but it won’t let me go to marlye bone! i think i missed a quest or something i really need help

  11. Dustin death sword Says:


  12. Brandon Owlsword Says:

    I really need help with my quest in marlybone where you have to defeat 8 Deadly Schachers.Someone help me,PLEASE!

  13. Brandon Owlsword Says:

    Sorry,I forgot to say that it is eastern time zone and the quest is in Knight’s Court,Marlybone.

  14. mason redblood Says:

    i need help on a quest but im under 13 years old so email me this is my secondary email so i hav 2 change 2 txt chat plz tell me how and im only level well i forgot but its above 10 and lower than 20 so the reason in need help is im out of crowns so i cant get hechmen and i wont get more crowns is a while

  15. mason redblood Says:

    i got txt chat im stuck on the sunken city quest pacific time zone

    realm scarecrow area 1

    meeting place fire school (inside the fire school )

    wizard name mason redblood email me if u can help
    level 14

    sunday feb.7th 2010

  16. mason redblood Says:

    nevermind after i read this i just went on wiz 101 and went to sunkencity with 2 magus pyromancers and i did not wait at the fire school the priest at my church was late so i was in church untill 2:34

  17. Curtis Says:

    I need help. I dont know how to get to Marleybone, like what quests i have to finish.

  18. will Says:

    can you please help me with a quest in the palace of fire in krokotopia ca we meet at 9:30 in the altar of kings the quests name is give em another round i already beat edo but i need to beat akori shai and nebit nirini please help

  19. will Says:

    i forgot my character is william watrrider level 17

  20. Brandon Says:

    Hi im stuck on colussus blvd cuz i need to find colossus blvd smith but sadly i can’t can you help P.S do i need a passport or somethin?

    Wizard name Mason Goldenstone lvl 9 [almost lvl 10]

    • wizard101info Says:

      Dustin here! I got your question about the Colossus Blvd. Smith and would be happy to help you. However, I need you to tell me if you have a membership to Wizard 101 first. The only way I can get you into Colossus is if you have a membership, or have bought Colossus with Crowns. Let me know as soon as you can, and we can schedule a meet-up by replying to this comment.

  21. jenny Says:

    im a level 9 wizard and i cant find any quests! i never subscribed though and im wondering where can find some quests and ive been dying to go to krokatopia and marleybone but i dont know how and advice?

  22. Nick Says:

    My name is Scot Stormstalker (on wizard 101) and i need help on sunken city quest. I’m pretty much free anytime but maybe we could meet one sunday, June 6? At the storm tower? At 2:00pm easter time? (it would be 11:00 for me since on live in California). O, and the quest location is in nightside the dungeon sunken city. By the way, what is the whole Area thing or realm or whatever? I don’t understand that.

  23. Monica Says:

    Help!! I’m a life wizard and can’t get my 48 card. Can you help?

  24. Kyle Says:


  25. Kyle Says:


  26. Kyle Says:


  27. Kyle Says:

    IF U KNOW HOW TO TALK WHEN YOUR 10 or under e mail me at corypt1527@aol.ocm

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