Merlin’s Resistance (Now on DoaW)

April 6, 2010

Uh Title Self Explanatory

“Join The Resistance”

Ciao! (C-i-a-o)

It Means Bye!


oh Yea!

The web address…:

So uh Pallamas… or TRP



and send me a picture for the Group

so uh B-Bye!


David and I Duel… IRL!

April 6, 2010

Remember me talking about the W101 Decks that I printed out and laminated, etc? Here you can download a video of David and I “dueling” each with our custom decks (the same ones we use ITS).



David’s Campaign Poster!

April 5, 2010

Check the Greatness  Sickedness!   Whateverness! that is my poster!

Vote For Me!

:)    Seriously VOTE!


The Apple iPad

April 3, 2010

I walked over to my local Apple Store a few hours ago, and let me tell you firsthand, the new WiFi iPad is really quite awesome.

My Grandpa, who David and I refer to in Skype and in-game as DaddyOx, is thinking about getting one.

EEP! I’m an avid Apple geek, so that’s why I’m all excited.


*iPad glitters*


P.S. David is coming over tomorrow! I’m really excited, because I went on W101 and took screenshots of all of the cards in our decks. Then, I took them on a flash drive to FedEx and they printed them and laminated them REALLY nice. I worked out all the Fizzling rates and Power Pip stuff with proportions on a 6 sided dice. I can’t wait to actually do some “IRL” PvP with David. I’ll post pictures of the cards, they look sick awesome.

Student Teacher Summer Elections!

April 2, 2010

Let Wolf’s poster do the talking-

To nominate someone or your self, click here and leave a comment. Does anyone wanna see MY poster? I’m running for Storm, of course.

*crickets chrip*

Well, heck, I’m gonna show you all anyway!

I know, it’s kind of TINY, but I think it gets the point across; VOTE FOR ME!

-Dustin MoonCatcher

Reagents, Ravenwood Bulletin, & A Sale!

April 1, 2010

The weather where I am at the moment is just great, so my whole family took a walk around the neighborhood. While walking along, I spotted something really cool on the ground.

What’s the big deal about a RANDOM spring lying on the ground? Eh, eh? As soon as I saw it, I whipped out my phone and took a picture. The first thing that came into my mind when I say this little spring was-

-THAT spring! Lol, isn’t that really cool? I found a REAL reagent! Lol…

Also, there’s a new Ravenwood Bulletin for April that can be found here. The Storm Professor, Halston Balestrom, hosts the Bulletin this month.

Lastly, everyone should check out the latest limited time offer from KingsIsle, the Crowns Sale.

Information about this sweet offer can be found here. It’s definitely worth taking a look at.

Geez, we’re going to have SO much news to relay on WandCast 4 ;-)

Keep on Casting,


My Friends, It’s Been A Long Journey…

March 31, 2010

Before you read on, I hope that you know that David and I put a lot of consideration into the following. It makes sense in the end.

Let us hit you hard with the news: NO, we aren’t quitting, but…

We have decided to hereby transfer the ownership of the Grand Wizard Council to The Merlin’s Resistance Organization, who’s blog can be found here. This means that David and I are no longer affiliated with the Grand Wizard Council, neither are the devoted members who have so willingly let the GWC last as long as it did.

Before you guys punch my face off, let me tell you that the Merlin’s Resistance is a really good group of Wizards, and they’re going to take good care of the GWC.

The real reason we’re giving it away is because of our philosophy; If you don’t enjoy blogging/podcasting/making-a-W101-guild that you’ve made or are thinking about making, why continue it or make it in the first place? The GWC was quite fun when it was thriving, and I’ll never forget the thrill of Sunday Moments, etc. But towards the end, we just weren’t having fun anymore. We couldn’t find members, and people were sending in resignation forms left and right. I’m not pointing anybody out for following my own philosophy.

I’m never going to forget the Grand Wizard Council, or the special gleaming grandeur (and GOLD, David :)) or the GWC Hall.

Drat, why do I feel like crying my eyes out?


It really hurts me to let go of the GWC, but it has been a nagging thought of how it wasn’t going to go anywhere just so often and how much more use it could be put to by giving it and it’s resources, versatility, to the Resistance.

In times like this when you’re down, think about something like this. Yea, it’s just a game, yada yada, but Wizard 101 is quite special. I think sometimes about how I’m going to look back on it when I’m an adult on some rainy night late at night in my house. It’s a bittersweet memory already… Am I being to mushy? This is a gaming blog, after all.

I would like to thank the countless nameless but special beyond anything people who helped the GWC get to where it was.

Special thank-you’s must go to: Samantha ThunderDust, Kestrel ShadowThistle, Seth GriffinWard (alt. Tyler SkullDust), Amber StarGem, Chase WillowWeaver, Tatiana DreamPetal, Alia LotusPetal, and all of the previous Council members.

Thank you.

-Dustin MoonCatcher, Former Vice HighMaster of the Grand Wizard Council

-David TitanRider, Former HighMaster of the Grand Wizard Council

WandCast the Podcast Page

March 31, 2010

I’ve changed around the WandCast page a bit, so if anyone wants to check it out, go ahead.

You can find it under “Pages” to the right…


Friendly & What I’ve Been Up To

March 31, 2010

Geez, it’s taking a bajillion years to schedule the live broadcast of WandCast! I really wanna get on with the show, but we haven’t gotten a clarification email from Friendly, and Kestrel just cannot find a day that works for her. I’m even MORE excited that I’ve gotten WandCast to work on Livestream (figured it out during the live Kensington Park run), and it should be sweet once we can actually record WandCast on there! Woot to the woot!

Speaking of Friendly, he made an “of-the-day-post” about Pets. The pet of the day was the PIGGLE, and I felt so inspired by the Piggle  pride that Friendly portrayed on his blog, I went out and bought my own little piglet, Oliver!

Really, you’ve gotta love Piggles!

And has anyone seen Samantha ThunderDust’s new Fire-symbol themed outfit? It’s really quite cool.

The first person to notice what Sam and I have in common up there gets a special prize: a pat on the back! Leave a comment if you can see it…

After reading Friendly’s blog and chillin’ with Samantha for a bit, I headed over to the Tomb of Storms to get my Tomb Raider badge (inspired by this post over on Automagically). First, I did the Bonekeeper questline. I really suggest you complete it, it’s really a ton of fun when you get to talk to him.

I did some quests for Yakobaam Ahnic and some other anti-Krokopatra Kroks and earned Tomb Raider “lickity split”.

Right after that, I got a distress call from Mr. Dustin GriffinFlame, author of the Stormed Youth blog. We worked Haru down to his last 2 Health Points, and then put him out of  his misery :)

Then back to Krokotopia it was for me!

I did the Tomb of the Beguiler with David because Wizard 101 Wiki said there was a badge you got when you beat it… we found no badge at the end. It was fun all in all, though.

I love that last screenshot with all the Elemental Manders…

Keep on Casting,

-(respectably) Dusty MoonCatcher

Taking On Munin MistWeaver

March 30, 2010

This morning, Natalie CrowShard (from Eternally Green) helped me take on Munin MistWeaver.

The Quest to Defeat Munin.

I’ve gotta admit this, but Munin had actually defeated ME when I’d tried to solo him yesterday. It’s such a weird thing to be defeated when you’re a GrandMaster, because you rarely get defeated. You never expect to, really, unless you’re taking on someone really hard. I admit, I was very much overconfident when I took on Munin in the first take.

The duel felt much more personal when I went back for “TAKE 2!”

I give that sleazy ol' Raven the evil eye. You better be scared!

Natalie arrives! Woot to the woot!

Does anyone know if Ravens like baths? Well, I guess it doesn't matter now.

Natalie restates the obvious... :-)

And JUST when I thought I was DONE-

Why, of course, there’s another quest! Lol, see you in the Spiral!