Send KingsIsle an Email

If you are feeling lazy, by all means take the easy way out.

If you feel like you are a visual learner, please, follow my guide (video @ the bottom)!

STEP #1-

Go to and make sure you log in!

STEP #2-

Scroll down on the navigation bar until you see the “Help & Support” link. Click on it!

STEP #3-

You should get this page. If you don’t, something has gone very, very wrong!

STEP #4-

Scroll until you see this-

And click on Mr. Lincoln :) !

STEP #5-

When this pops up-

Click on “Contact Us”-

STEP #6-

This page should solve ALL your problems :P



6 Responses to “Send KingsIsle an Email”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    P.S. if you have technical Issue then leave your Billing information in the comment…

    Anon E. Mus

  2. chris Says:

    {thats my wizard101 name} Why do you have to be 13 or older to talk and listen.{PS}IF YOU PLAY WIZARD101 AND YOUR A CREATER OF IT ADD ME PLZ MY NAME IS CHRIS.

  3. alex Says:

    i have forgotten my pass and the email its made on is cancelled plz help i miss my master /CRY

  4. Noah Says:

    I was wondering if Kingisle would allow me to make a face book fan site that would help wizard city be the best it can by my or your building of a group called food fighters. This would be getting the children to be more kind and compassionate of other wizards

  5. Noah Says:

    I have created the page but I need the ok to write about wizard101

  6. Liam Says:

    can you tell me how to get off a the mission a giant problembecause i dont want to buy that area

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