David’s Statue List

Mavra FlameWing, Plaza of Conquests – Dragon Statue

Andor Bristleback, The Labyrinth – Wyrmkin Statue

Karuvian Scargiver, Plaza of Conquests – Minotaur Statue

Chronius, The Crystal Grove – Headmaster Statue

Vika MarkMaker, The Crystal Grove – Hydra Statue

Kraysys, The Forum –Regal Dragon Statue

Grubb, Sunken City Dungeon – Wraith Statue

Jade Oni, Jade Palace – Koto Statue & Imperial Statue

Lady BlackHope, Unicorn Way – Unicorn Statue

Alicane Swiftarrow, Firecat Alley – Firecat Statue

General Akilles, Cyclops Boulevard – Cyclops Statue

Seargent SkullSpliter, Triton Avenue – Triton Statue

Dr. Katzenstein, Katzenstein’s Lab – Watchdog Statue

Silver Sentinel, The Labyrinth – Kraken Statue

Katia FireWinter, The Crucible – Helephant Statue



3 Responses to “David’s Statue List”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    Feel free to use this as a guide! I (Dustin) use it really a lot. Thanks, David, for posting this list.

  2. wizard101info Says:

    yeah yeah yeah well you kinda FORCED me too………

  3. codynighthunter Says:

    i thought the wacthdog statue was in big ben

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