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46 Responses to “Ask A Question”

  1. Kelly DeathSpear Says:

    how do you make objects float ive tried many times but i just dont seem to get it

    • wizard101info Says:

      You know what Kelly??? I really (Dustin here) don’t have the faintest clue either. I’m sure David knows, so I am gonna tell him you commented and he will let us all know.

    • wizard101info Says:

      hello David here anyway sry i just read this message so anyway one word BOXES (not the weird crates) (like food boxes) put them together and then add the item on taop and then WAZZAM gradually take one box away until the object is on the edge of one box and put a carpet under the edge part and VOILA move the CARPET away and its floating!

  2. Kelly DeathSpear Says:

    o i also wanted to try the junior rep. in fire…………if you notice my comments/questions please please pleaseeeeee answer them at my email ttyl sincerly Kelly DeathSpear

    • wizard101info Says:

      You got my email, but here goes again:
      We still need a Senior!?!
      So once we get one, he/she can help us chose their Junior

  3. Blaze SHadow sword Says:

    how do you be in this org

  4. Linda Purdy Says:

    Help—-signed my grandson and paid dfor wizard101, but his password didn’t gothrough I got an email saying go to and let him log on and for the pass word

  5. Linda Purdy Says:

    I signed my grandson and paid for wizard 101 but it would not take his password and the email that I received from 101 was to have him log on andthen for the password type in FYh0TwP, this did not work,PLEASE HELP ON THIS MATTER

    • wizard101info Says:

      Hello if you know your parental control password or not i am not sure but you can change your childs old password for something you can remember.

  6. Sam Griffin Says:

    Sam Griffin here, and i wanted to ask…. what level are you suppose to be in to go to krokosphinx? oh and is it true that you can skip grizzlehiem?

    • wizard101info Says:

      Technically, you can be any level to go in the Krokosphinx. You just have to have beaten the first part of Krokotopia: The Pyramid of the Sun. Then they let you go in the Krokosphinx. After that, the Tomb of Storms and off to Marleybone!!
      Yes, Grizzleheim is an optional world. I would just stick to the main ones.

      • Sam Griffin Says:

        ok, thanks for the info. what is the last part of the pyramid of sun?

      • wizard101info Says:

        The last part in the Pyramid of Sun is the Throne Room of Fire, which is a Dungeon (or some old-time players; instance levels). In this level, you beat Krokohamen (please correct me someone if I am wrong about this boss). Then, as I said, you gain access to the Krokosphinx.

  7. Sam Griffin Says:

    oh ok, thanks a lot. that’s a lot of help.

  8. Sam Griffin Says:

    hey, i’m trying to get gold with crowns, i tried zeke but he’s only selling brooms. where should i got to buy gold with crowns?

  9. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Hi Dustin and David!,
    It’s Chase WillowWeaver, your #1 Fan! I posted my blog name under the website tab, like you requested Dustin. I hope you like it, if you can get on! Any tips, suggestions, and whatnot is welcome under comments. Once again, the site URL is: There you go! Would you like if I put a link to Wiz 101 Info in our site? Like I always say, great blog, information, and a fun site to visit.
    -Chase WillowWeaver Lvl. 44 Sorcerer Senior Balance Rep.

  10. Sam Griffin Says:

    Hey, do you know all the quests of marleybone to get to mooshu.

  11. Sam Griffin Says:

    alright Dustin, i deleted all those desk of all the schools. there you happy. oh and i didn’t copy you, i didn’t even know you had those desk too, ok.

    • wizard101info Says:

      Thanks, but you didn’t HAVE to delete them. I just never wanted to look at them again! And I thought you had seen and were copying the GWC. My bad. But… its cool they are deleted. Thanks Griffin, I owe ya one.

  12. Blake Soulflame Says:

    Hey Guys. Awesome Blog.

    I read you guys, but only since yesterday when first found out you existed 0_o. Anyway, i read the entire eite since then, and still re-read it a lot, sometimes even on my PSP’s internet when i dont have access to a computer.

    Anyway, i wanted to clear some stuff up with you guys, but how about we get the compliments done first?

    You’re awesome! Great House! I’m Jealous! Nice blog!

    Good, now i have that off my chest :D

    Anyways i only wanted to say that I had plans to start a new guld/clan/group thing i call the Resistance, and i had plans to make my DS Mansion the HQ, or main hall, or base, or…I’m sort of rambling now.

    Anyway, i was kinda shocked when i learned you guys had the GWC, a guild/clan/group thing, and that you guys also decided to make your (I think it’s David’s?) DS mansion the official GWC hall, like i was planning to make MY DS mansion the Resistance HQ. Terrifying, i know.

    Since the GWC has existed longer (Well, technically the Resistance doesn’t even exist yet) i sort of wanted to know if its okay with you if i made my DS Mansion the HQ. I won’t like copy exactly how it looks or anything, or copy the GWC, i just wanted to clear up any possible feelings in the future that i was copying you….Please reply.

    ~Blake Soulflame, Grandmaster Necromancer (And possibly future commander of the Resistance.)

  13. Sam Grifin Says:

    Do you know all the quests for marleybone?

  14. Brandon Owlsword Says:

    Why do a lot of people on wizard 101 that are either the same level as me or a lower level than me have more mana than me?

    • Glynn61 Says:

      There are several things besides level that determine mana and health. Clothing, jewelry, wand, etc., all contribute to strength/powers, etc. Look at the stats by the clothing. I always upgrade when I am able.

  15. Paige SparkleFlame & Kelsey DragonBlade Says:

    Do you guys know the names of all the Clans in WizardCity?(the one we want to know about is the Rising Snakes)

  16. M.W.S Says:

    How did you make your vid go so fast? The GWC one what program? Windows Movie Maker? I srsly need to do that when I go solo against high balance creatures. Also soling Malistare’s lair.

    • wizard101info Says:

      Basically, I have this thing called the Unregistered Hypercam. It’s not illegal (don’t start with me:)). I think Sierra WinterBreeze uses it as well… Whatever. It’s great because (1) it’s free and (2) it lets me take video of only a certain part of my screen (this works well in a windowed version of the game). I use Picasa by Google for screenshots (Print Screen) and it saves them directly to a Screen Captures folder in Picasa. When I take video with the Hypercam and then stop the recording, it goes to Picasa where I can upload it directly to YouTube, for you all to enjoy! I don’t know why Hypercam uses faster frames when it’s recording, but I personally like it better. If you’re looking for it, Malorn, I think your best bet would be to Google it and see what happens. You can trust the download. It hasn’t made my computer blow up… At least, not YET ;)

  17. Sam Grifin Says:

    hey, i’m trying to get more training points so i can do two school, storm and life. and the ones that i get is not enough. it’s enough for one school. how do i get more.

  18. mason redblood Says:

    what does magus mean

  19. Sam Grifin Says:

    do you get a training point at level 50.

  20. mason redblood Says:

    when i beat a higher lvl wiz than me (i am lvl 16) one of the other wizards friends said o wait mason flock you i was going to report him but he left before i could and i dont remember his name what should i do i feel sad though because it was just luck

  21. Sam Grifin Says:

    People say that you can find codes in magazines, which magazines?

  22. Simy Says:

    On wizard 101 how do i delete a quest ?

  23. M.W.S Says:

    Yea, you get apoint at 50!

  24. M.W.S Says:

    A point wrong spelling lol…

  25. mason redblood Says:

    i got hypercam i im wondering how do i upload the vids to youtube like i cant find the video

  26. darby mistgem Says:

    yes i cant remember my parental control password and it wont send to my email what do i do

  27. Fred MythBreaker Says:

    I was wondering why when i log in to play it says password wrong when i did it right!

  28. Fred MythBreaker Says:

    Just plz tell me!

  29. Jacob Winterheart Says:

    Who thinks that the myth teacher(Cyrus Drake)Is evil.Malistaires last name is DRAKE!Malistaire Drake!Is Cyrus Drake evil, or are they brothers or something?

  30. scarllet Says:

    I finished talking to all the oakhearts before i got the quest and now none of the people on your list will speak to me or let me re do the quests.
    can you please help me or tell me how i can get the moosBacks to talk to me again?

    Please help working on this for three days now

  31. Natalie Ice Says:

    Hey! This is going to be long. Okay when I beat the Kraken for the millionth time lol I got Seraph Wings (1 day) , it’s been over 1 day. I don’t have them in my backpack anymore but everytime i go somewhere different a little thing pops up saying the Seraph Wings have been removed from your inventory and it won’t stop popping up when i leave the area im in. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?

  32. codynighthunter Says:

    hey dustin whens the new world going to come out and is there any pictures that show the world

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