Okay, WandCast Live was sickly awesome…

Well, if you came to our live craziness of a podcast, thank you! It was really awesome to have Friendly on our first ever live show. If you didn’t make it, some of the funniness might be cut out in the recorder version, so let me go over some of the awesomely hilarious things that happened.

  • When we started the show, we waited five minutes for David. I called his house only then to be informed that he had scheduled a get together if you will, with a friend.   (He was my new neighbor i got recently geez) I was like, “WHAT?!” (Okay, I didn’t scream that at his mom, but you guys get it) Then, I said very calmly, “Well, eh, we sort of have 21 people in a live chatroom right now all waiting for him.” You guys can understand my panicking ness, right?!?! I mean, Friendly adjusted his whole schedule on Friday so that he could make it to the show on Saturday. I wasn’t about to let David miss it. Anyway, his mom went to get him, but it turns out that he ran halfway home from his friends. I’m not gonna say what exactly he shouted at me when he actually got on WandCast, but you can hear it in the recorder version I’m working on.
  • FRIEND-LAY was a really nice addition to the Episode. We all know that Friendly just kicks but in general, so I dare not go into the awesomeness that is the Friendly “Necro-Monster” (an inside joke ;)) What is in the recorded version is only half of his coolness, because a lot of the time we just talked to the chatroom. It was awesome.
  • We had a pretty nice sized chatroom for our first live show. 22 people at the most were live with us! Let’s think, we had Stephen SpiritCaller, Ronan “Nails” RavenShard, Fallon ShadowBlade, a cool fellow called Kevin BattleBlood who helped us test the sound, Samantha ThunderDust, Blaze MistShard, Jessica “Awesome Pyromancer” FairyHeart, The Grumpy Diviner, Cassandra “Witch Warrior” GriffinDreamer etc., etc. It rocked!
  • Raw power. The show was UNIQUE (HA, Friendly. YEA, I went there.) It didn’t run smooth, but it was so awesome raw power WandCast that it didn’t matter. Of course, the recorded version isn’t gonna be raw, but it’ll still be kick butt.

Thanks to everyone who helped us prepare for the show! I hope to release the download soon.

-D. MoonCatcher

P.S. Like the D. MoonCatcher sig? It makes me sound really cool :P


5 Responses to “Okay, WandCast Live was sickly awesome…”

  1. The grumpy diviner Says:

    It sure was the craziest episode so far. I’m glad i was there live. One thing though, it took me hours to get that ipad song out of my head. When you release the recorder version, the song may get stuck there for weeks.
    Oh and next show David should make up for being late. Can he sing? Wait, didn’t he ask lollipop in the connection game? Let him sing on the good ship lollipop.

  2. wizard101info Says:

    In your dreams! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN

    • The grumpy diviner Says:

      What? Oh wait, you’re lucky this time. Dustin said he was gonna sing on wandcast 4. The concept of nachos?

  3. Taji34 Says:

    what about that contest? where are the screen shots? i can’t win without those.

  4. M.W.S Says:

    Pretty cool and the sig…

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