WandCast LIVE!


*trumpets sound*

Woah. This is awkward. REDIRECTING POST, GOOOO!

CLICK here for Kestrel’s sick awesome post about WandCast LIVE which is going to be TODAY (the time is over at Kestrel’s blog).



3 Responses to “WandCast LIVE!”

  1. Pallamas Says:

    Tons of my friends keep asking me this: By live do you mean in game, or are you showing your faces irl? I knew the answer, but could you answer them for me?

  2. M.W.S Says:


  3. Taji34 Says:

    The WandCast was . . . interesting. Maybe it was just my computer fooling with my volume. I could hear Dustin just fine but everybody else was really hard to hear. Anyway thanks for talking about my interview (friendly has yet to reply).

    -See you in the spiral,

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