What School Are You “REALLY” In?

Recently, Kestrel and Alia have posted about what school they should “really” be in, or what school people should be in when they aren’t. I’ve got a very Harry Potter like view on this. Have all of you read Harry Potter? At the end of the Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore says something like, “It is not your actions that make you who you are. It is your choices.” Does everyone really understand what that means? I take it like this: If it comes down to your real, true values, your actions do not matter. It’s your choices that really depict who you are. How does this apply to what school you’re really in in Wizard 101?

Think like this: You are taking the test to see what school you’re in and you get Myth *ahem* You read the description of Myth, and find that you’re not to into the Myth School from what you’ve read so far. You go on the web, to a place were others share their opinions on the Myth School, and you realize that you would rather be something else. You pull up Wizard 101 again, and click on, Skip the Test, or something like that. You see *ahem* Storm, and click it. You like how Storm sounds.

You like how Storm sounds a ton.


And so, someone who “really” should be a Conjurer is a Diviner.

A Diviner.


The way I look at it, the person that CHOSE to be a Diviner over a Conjurer is a Diviner, because they CHOSE to be;

“It is not your actions that make you who you are. It is your choices.”

Does that make sense?


So… yup… That’s my theory/philosophy of “school treachery”, or WHATEVER you wanna call it.

Want to learn more about your School? Click here for in-depth info!



2 Responses to “What School Are You “REALLY” In?”

  1. The Jessica Fairyheart Says:

    :) I chose what I was, which was the best choice for me.

  2. M.W.S Says:

    Agreed I love balance GO EGYPTOLOGY! lol…

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