Merlin’s Resistance (Now on DoaW)

Uh Title Self Explanatory

“Join The Resistance”

Ciao! (C-i-a-o)

It Means Bye!


oh Yea!

The web address…:

So uh Pallamas… or TRP



and send me a picture for the Group

so uh B-Bye!


3 Responses to “Merlin’s Resistance (Now on DoaW)”

  1. Pallamas Says:

    *Blush* Dustin doesnt want you do join though …

  2. M.W.S Says:

    Yea, you should honestly… The GWC had it’s good times…

  3. Fallon Shadowblade Says:

    Nice group! Thanks for creating it!

    Here is the correct group address for Merlin’s Resistance:

    If you need any help, just let me know.

    Happy Wednesday!
    Fallon Shadowblade

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