David’s Campaign Poster!

Check the Greatness  Sickedness!   Whateverness! that is my poster!

Vote For Me!

:)    Seriously VOTE!



9 Responses to “David’s Campaign Poster!”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    Very cool…

  2. Pallamas Says:

    I’m voting for you, TOTALLY!

  3. Dustin MoonCatcher Says:

    Doesn’t anyone notice that I made the poster for him!?!? Lol… And nobody said that great stuff about mine :(

  4. The Jessica Fairyheart Says:

    Nice poster. I hope you win, even though I’m running. (You’re probably going to ask me if I got abducted.)

  5. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    @Dustinbrainless I thought we were going to do a YOU KNOW WHAT on YOU KNOW WHAT live! And the winner gets a YOU KNOW WHAT, right?

    @Jessica I’m going to vote for you :)

  6. M.W.S Says:

    Dustin your was great ok?

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