Student Teacher Summer Elections!

Let Wolf’s poster do the talking-

To nominate someone or your self, click here and leave a comment. Does anyone wanna see MY poster? I’m running for Storm, of course.

*crickets chrip*

Well, heck, I’m gonna show you all anyway!

I know, it’s kind of TINY, but I think it gets the point across; VOTE FOR ME!

-Dustin MoonCatcher


6 Responses to “Student Teacher Summer Elections!”

  1. Pallamas Says:

    So THATS wha you where doing when I ws trying to ask you something!

  2. wizard101info Says:

    *Sigh* You should just write BIG HEADED in Capitals! Then people would better understand you lolz

  3. Pallamas Says:

    -.- I DID!

  4. The grumpy diviner Says:

    Ahhh just pretend i couldn’t get bothered last year, where, when and how do we vote?
    Oh and i saw Kestrel is running for Life student teacher. Yay!
    Hmm, if David runs for fire then wandcast can take half of the prizes:)

    Cassandra something, the lady with the big Marleybonian fan is running for balance, if Blake Strongstone runs for death we’ll have an easy time voting and wandcast will never sound the same with all those teachers.

    Umm back on topic: so how do we vote?

  5. alex deathshade Says:

    dont forget windows
    and office

  6. M.W.S Says:


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