My Friends, It’s Been A Long Journey…

Before you read on, I hope that you know that David and I put a lot of consideration into the following. It makes sense in the end.

Let us hit you hard with the news: NO, we aren’t quitting, but…

We have decided to hereby transfer the ownership of the Grand Wizard Council to The Merlin’s Resistance Organization, who’s blog can be found here. This means that David and I are no longer affiliated with the Grand Wizard Council, neither are the devoted members who have so willingly let the GWC last as long as it did.

Before you guys punch my face off, let me tell you that the Merlin’s Resistance is a really good group of Wizards, and they’re going to take good care of the GWC.

The real reason we’re giving it away is because of our philosophy; If you don’t enjoy blogging/podcasting/making-a-W101-guild that you’ve made or are thinking about making, why continue it or make it in the first place? The GWC was quite fun when it was thriving, and I’ll never forget the thrill of Sunday Moments, etc. But towards the end, we just weren’t having fun anymore. We couldn’t find members, and people were sending in resignation forms left and right. I’m not pointing anybody out for following my own philosophy.

I’m never going to forget the Grand Wizard Council, or the special gleaming grandeur (and GOLD, David :)) or the GWC Hall.

Drat, why do I feel like crying my eyes out?


It really hurts me to let go of the GWC, but it has been a nagging thought of how it wasn’t going to go anywhere just so often and how much more use it could be put to by giving it and it’s resources, versatility, to the Resistance.

In times like this when you’re down, think about something like this. Yea, it’s just a game, yada yada, but Wizard 101 is quite special. I think sometimes about how I’m going to look back on it when I’m an adult on some rainy night late at night in my house. It’s a bittersweet memory already… Am I being to mushy? This is a gaming blog, after all.

I would like to thank the countless nameless but special beyond anything people who helped the GWC get to where it was.

Special thank-you’s must go to: Samantha ThunderDust, Kestrel ShadowThistle, Seth GriffinWard (alt. Tyler SkullDust), Amber StarGem, Chase WillowWeaver, Tatiana DreamPetal, Alia LotusPetal, and all of the previous Council members.

Thank you.

-Dustin MoonCatcher, Former Vice HighMaster of the Grand Wizard Council

-David TitanRider, Former HighMaster of the Grand Wizard Council


7 Responses to “My Friends, It’s Been A Long Journey…”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    You gave it your best guys.I only wish i wouldnt have left when the council need me the most

  2. M.W.S Says:

    I get what you mean…

  3. Pallamas Says:

    *cries* But, I love the GWC! I dont thhink I could possibe control it!

  4. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    *SOBS* It’s over? I don’t believe it. I really, don’t believe it. Actually, I don’t choose to believe it. The GWC isn’t gonna die!

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