Friendly & What I’ve Been Up To

Geez, it’s taking a bajillion years to schedule the live broadcast of WandCast! I really wanna get on with the show, but we haven’t gotten a clarification email from Friendly, and Kestrel just cannot find a day that works for her. I’m even MORE excited that I’ve gotten WandCast to work on Livestream (figured it out during the live Kensington Park run), and it should be sweet once we can actually record WandCast on there! Woot to the woot!

Speaking of Friendly, he made an “of-the-day-post” about Pets. The pet of the day was the PIGGLE, and I felt so inspired by the Piggle  pride that Friendly portrayed on his blog, I went out and bought my own little piglet, Oliver!

Really, you’ve gotta love Piggles!

And has anyone seen Samantha ThunderDust’s new Fire-symbol themed outfit? It’s really quite cool.

The first person to notice what Sam and I have in common up there gets a special prize: a pat on the back! Leave a comment if you can see it…

After reading Friendly’s blog and chillin’ with Samantha for a bit, I headed over to the Tomb of Storms to get my Tomb Raider badge (inspired by this post over on Automagically). First, I did the Bonekeeper questline. I really suggest you complete it, it’s really a ton of fun when you get to talk to him.

I did some quests for Yakobaam Ahnic and some other anti-Krokopatra Kroks and earned Tomb Raider “lickity split”.

Right after that, I got a distress call from Mr. Dustin GriffinFlame, author of the Stormed Youth blog. We worked Haru down to his last 2 Health Points, and then put him out of  his misery :)

Then back to Krokotopia it was for me!

I did the Tomb of the Beguiler with David because Wizard 101 Wiki said there was a badge you got when you beat it… we found no badge at the end. It was fun all in all, though.

I love that last screenshot with all the Elemental Manders…

Keep on Casting,

-(respectably) Dusty MoonCatcher


8 Responses to “Friendly & What I’ve Been Up To”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    I know you guys like to play chess… And well, you guys enjoy w101!

  2. M.W.S Says:

    And school themed clothes…

  3. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    School themed clothes with school symbols and 48 spell pets.

  4. Natalie Says:

    Savior of the spiral badge??? And you both have “Dust” in your names!!
    -Natalie Crowshard

  5. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Ugh people got here before me! And you’re supposed to get the “Mander Savior” badge from Tomb of the Beguiler…

  6. sgwiz Says:

    easy you both have hats jk symbols pets and you both have wands eqiupped

  7. wizard101info Says:

    Thats EASY!
    Looking Carefully I (David) Noticed Both of you have “Savior of the Spiral”


  8. Natalie Says:

    HA! I said that first!!

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