WandCast, Episode 3!

WandCast, Episode 3 is here! I hope you enjoy it!

You’ll probably hear us mention a live broadcast with Friendly in there, but don’t freak out about missing it or something because we still have no date set on it, and we’ll be sure to give plenty of notice to everyone.

Well, that’s about all…

Click here to download!

-Dustin, David, and Kestrel


One Response to “WandCast, Episode 3!”

  1. Bailey Says:

    As usual make the connection ROCKED!! I didn’t know that the kraken was a giant squid? Learn something new every day:) Now I’m gonna have to watch Pirates again…. and to understand that whole 7 of 8 / 9 of 8 thing. Which is it? Anyway you all are DA BOMB.COM!

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