A Wizilogical Post

Just with browsing in Picasa 3 I noticed this Handy little Picture of ALL the schools!

Take A look!

Notice How the Border is Fire, Storm, and Ice…..

AND How the Spirit Schools are In between Each Different Element

Well I Can add 2+2=mango

lolz anyway but you can tell which Spirit School can from each Different Elemental School!

And This Cool little Pic of Dragonspyre art!

Wonder If the Gobbler King made this...




4 Responses to “A Wizilogical Post”

  1. wizard101info Says:


  2. The grumpy diviner Says:

    Not sure if the Gobbler King made it, but if he did i sure would like to know what that ship is doing on the right side.
    Maybe it’s the ship that used to bring crab meat to the DragonSpyre docks, i heard Dean Darkflame loves it. After they threw him in jail, the demand for crab meat (and bread and tomato slices) probably declined so they didn’t really need the ship anymore. It would explain why there isn’t a red foodcard (for the tomato slices) or a bakery in DS.
    I know, ask the Gobbler King.

  3. M.W.S Says:

    Yea, hope you downloaded that w101 fansite kit…

  4. wizard101info Says:

    I might ask him…

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