Did WandCast Work?

HIIIII, people.
Last night, I posted the latest and greatest WandCast episode right here on this blog. Can anyone let me know if the download, etc. Worked?
Thanks. Lol, this is my first post from me phone…


2 Responses to “Did WandCast Work?”

  1. Ronan Ravenshard Says:

    Yeah, it worked, only took me 2 minutes to download, btw, those idea’s WERE girlish! (I forget, were there any contests in this one?

  2. The grumpy diviner Says:

    It worked like a charm, yahoo was nagging about a shield (virus scanner) and it sounds like a blade! Ok that last one didn’t make sense. Great show, and i loved the intro tune.

    About the connection game: you forgot the most important pizza connection. In Mooshu, the myth oni loves pizza. Sadly enough, he ate too many and became too fat to fit onto the screen so they had to use a diet spell on him which didn’t work out too well and it turned him into an imp. You can find him in the tree of life under his new name, Youkai. His previous name was the Pepper Oni.

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