Congratulations, Stephen & Leesha!


The Spiral’s favorite podcasters have both “dinged” GrandMaster! WOOTZ! A screenshot from Ravenwood

Steve, I’m telling you, the purple looks great! Is that all your GM gear stitch? Leesha, I can’t tell with you, but if either of you two still need to farm for stuff like Rings, Athames, Decks, or just any of your other GrandMaster stuff, be sure to check out the page right here on W101 Info called GrandMaster Gear Info.

*Phew* *Run-on sentence*

Anyway, congratz guys! Who took the beautiful screenshot?

Oh yeah, and if you guys ever want an ol’ Dustin’s help with farming/MALISTAIRE, well, you know who to call. Yeeeep.



2 Responses to “Congratulations, Stephen & Leesha!”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    Awesome congrats RR!

  2. moomoogomoo Says:


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