Did Y’all Hear the NEWS!?!

Yea, woah. The new news is MAJOR, people! This time, they’ve TRULY gone outta their way to answer my prayers. Check out David’s post to read about the new things *hint hint CELESIA* that’ll be coming to Wizard 101 as soon as this spring.

In other news, Kestrel, David, and I recorded WandCast Ep. 2 last night, and it sounds great in the editing so far. The only semi-glitchy part is where you can vaguely hear my mom yelling at my dad… Btw, it’s fine. She’s not saying anything bad ;-)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Blake StrongStone’s party tonight! It’s gonna be a blast and I’m most likely gonna be there. It’s at 8:00 PM EST. Here’s the list for everyone who isn’t lucky enough to be on the Eastern Coast :P

Eastern: 8:00 PM

Central: 7:00 PM

Mountain: 6:00 PM

Pacific: 5:00 PM

So yea, be sure to come! It’s kinda like a costume party; the person that comes with the coolest costume wins a new limited-edition Beckett staff. Definitely not to miss! I have my costume picked, and Cassandra G. has seen it already. It’s alright, but I’m confident that David will win. When you see what that jokester is wearing, you’re gonna flip out :)

That’s all for now. Keep on Casting!



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