Who’s This guy(and Blake is forcing me to write about his party thing)

Welcome to the first and only episode of “Who’s that Player!!”

Take a look…


O before i go Blake strongstone from the super necromancer


is having a party on saturday at 8:00 EASTERN time.

Be there for a shocking surprise! (look out for me!)                 (bring a costume for a chance to win a prize)

Anon E. Mous.


6 Responses to “Who’s This guy(and Blake is forcing me to write about his party thing)”

  1. wizard101info Says:

    Basically, David made that post. So it wasn’t ME, Dustin.
    Funny, David, really funny.

  2. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    Dustin Mooncatcher. Easy. Nice wings.

  3. Blake Says:

    I cant tell who it was although I know btw I did not force him I simply asked

  4. The grumpy diviner Says:

    Easy, it’s Robert Spriteleaf. He just met Dustin so he’s rather speechless – as you can tell by the icon in front of his badge.
    Blake: don’t ask, use the force!

  5. wizard101info Says:

    Hey guys actually I (David) felt “impullsive” to buy Dustin’s stuff. I am still in need of his hat (from oyotomi???) and then ill be lookin just like that storm wiz i know so well

  6. runescape cursors Says:

    That is cute. That look will be awesome for a costume party.

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