Wanna Guest Star?

Everyone, here’s the latest on WandCast, Episode 2.  To view this info again, check out the WandCast page to the right…

[ANNOUNCEMENT! As said on Diary of a Wizard ConnectX… Do you blog? Facebook? Twitter? BE SOCIAL! We’re inviting you… YES YOU… to be on WandCast. Got a Wizard 101 blog, eh? Wanna publicize? WOOT! WandCast is the place for you! Send us an email (above) so that you can be on EPISODE 2 of WandCast! You’ll be included in a SPECIAL trivia segment! Step right up, step right up… Winner will be chosen randomly. A SKYPE CONNECTION IS REQUIRED. EMAIL US SOOOOOON SO THAT YOU CAN GET ON EPISODE 2. LASTLY, DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOUR PARENTS, ETC. AREN’T COOL WITH YOU BEIN’ ON WANDCAST. Episode Recording will be on Friday, March 5, 2010, at 8PM Eastern Time. I’ll provide conversions for people outta Eastern. ANNOUNCEMENT!]

Email us:

Dustin: wizard101stuff@gmail.com

Kestrel: shadowthistle@aol.com

David: davidtitanrider@gmail.com

Cool, cool, cool? WE NEED YOU FAST, PEOPLE! The recording is on Friday!



2 Responses to “Wanna Guest Star?”

  1. wardest Says:

    I can’t…

  2. M.W.S Says:

    Sorry can’t…

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