Celestia in the March Bulletin?

Just yesterday, KingsIsle released the Ravenwood Bulletin for March. Yay! They’re always fun to read…

Anyway, something kinda big caught my eye on the new edition…

You all see that? It’s what sits smack dab in the middle of the Ravenwood Bulletin (CLICK ME!!!)

Above it was a message from Pat O’Gold, explaining all that boring Crowns stuff, but then she said something like…

“Ok, so there’s gonna be this big announcement from Merle. I’ve decided to just wait a bit before releasing it so that Merle can dot his i’s and cross his t’s.”

Way to go, Dustin. You’ve turned yourself desperate…

Does anybody see a secret message in Pat’s little message besides me?



So yea, I noticed “dot your i’s and cross your t’s”. Of course, it’s totally a normal saying. But LOOK…


That’s all I’m gonna say. Lol.



2 Responses to “Celestia in the March Bulletin?”

  1. My2cents Says:

    Sry I haven’t been on lately. I’ve been really busy. I’ll be on more, though. I just hope I don’t get kicked outta gwc!!! It was my w101 bday the other day lol. See ya.

  2. Marshel5 Says:

    Maybe he says Celestia and Malistare a lot

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