Question From Mason RedBlood

Been a while since we’ve had a nice question post. Me likes answering questions…

Way to go, Mason! You did exactly the right thing to get your question answered here on Wizard 101 Info!

If anyone has any questions they’d like answered, please leave a comment on the Ask A Question page right here on Wizard 101 Info.

Now for Mason’s question-

when i beat a higher lvl wiz than me (i am lvl 16) one of the other wizards friends said o wait mason flock you i was going to report him but he left before i could and i dont remember his name what should i do i feel sad though because it was just luck

Okay, so I take it that you beat him in PvP. Good work! But then he insulted you… Not cool of that guy.

*I shake my finger three times at the guy who insulted Mason*

Anyway, if someone who you were going to report leaves the area before you can report them, I’ve got a little bit of a tip for ya. This also applies to friend requests in which the person leaves but you still wanna add them.

Now, I’m not going to test this out by reporting someone. Instead, I will use it to show how you add friends over long distances by pressing enter and accessing people’s stats. Here, I made, like, a picture guide.

Lemme set up a scenario for you all;

The characters- My Life alt, Michael RainHeart-

Did that pic of him surprise you all? Yep, he’s 35 at the moment and ROCKIN the Level 35 gear. Sweetness ;-)

Joining Michael in my little demonstration will be Cody NightHunter, one of my best friends IRL! Okay, so Mike runs into Cody while he’s questing in Mooshu. Don’t ask me why Cody was in Mooshu… He just was…

Gee, lookit that! Cody’s such a nice Necromancer, he’s asked Michael to be on his Friend’s List. Oh, Cody, you’re such a great friend :D

As Michael is ABOUT to click on Cody to add him, Cody’s mom comes into the room to break his hyperfocus. Naturally-

Why, Cody, WHY?!?


K, so Cody teleports out. And he forgot to add Michael to his Friend’s List!

Cody’s wings are a little slow on the fact that he’s TELEPORTED OUT. Omg. Michael wanted to add Cody!

And since he knows what he’s doing, Cody’s Friend’s List is still within grasp!

Michael presses enter, and a yellow line with a red arrow on it pops up… Looks something like this, and it could be anywhere on your screen…

See it above his experience bar thingit? Ok, so next, click dat red arrow thingy.

Tada! A whole list of all the conversations around Michael show up right here! Woot! Okay, so I’ve added color to the part that Michael matters about. Basically, you’ve gotta click on Cody’s name. That’s right, just take your cursor, hover it over [Cody NightHunter] in the text box, and “clicky-clicky” on it. Here’s what should pop-up, unless you’re playing RuneScape cause then I don’t know how to do the same thing.

Goodness me! Is that Cody’s little box that popped up in the right of Michael’s screen? It’s just as if he clicked on Cody’s physical game self! From here, I think, you people know what you’re doing. For the weak minded (JK, JK) click on the ADD TO FRIENDS under Cody’s name. *sigh*

*what Cody sees*

BOOYAH! (Inside joke from Skype chattin’… You people gotta get Skype!)

Well, there you go, Mason. I hope this helps the next time somebody isn’t all that nice to ya.

-Dustin (or, too Chase, Dusty ;-))


4 Responses to “Question From Mason RedBlood”

  1. The Jessica Fairyheart Says:

    This is something I wouldn’t usually say, but, nice job on that post! 2 thumbs up!

  2. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    He curses you out, call him a NOOB! Although he might call you something worse, you’re still insulting him. Noob isn’t a bad word/saying cuz it can get through chat filter. NOOB IS THE WAY TO GO BRO.

  3. mason redblood Says:

    ty for answering my question this should help

  4. wizard101info Says:

    BOOYA???? We talked about this dustin….. we arent in the 1900’s any more :P

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