The Resignation of a Long-Time Friend

Cassandra is right. We are losing great Wizard 101 bloggers and podcasters and just plain old great players alike by huge numbers.

Ever since I met him to talk to him about the GWC, Tyler SkullDust, was very friendly and outgoing. He has inspired me to do great things for the GWC and for this blog. Tyler SkullDust is who I met him as, and he’s who leaves me and the whole community today.

I’m sure that plenty of you noticed that I just talked about Tyler using the past-tense. That’s because Tyler has emailed me his resignation from Wizard 101 and the Grand Wizard Council. Here is his message-

This is something I never intended to do but i am leaving wizard101 as is my spot on the GWC .I know LEAVE WIZARD101 AND GWC I MIGHT NEED %^ +)!*@$ YOU I KNOW THATS WHAT YOU PROB SAYING RIGHT NOW.ITS NOT ME ITS MY @#&

You might have noticed that I had to put symbols for some of Seth’s last words. That’s because it’s between me and him.

Tyler- If you read this, you’ve been a great friend. I wish you good luck in any adventure you accept to embark on in the future. May your mentality of Wizard 101 live on, and may players continue to bring the game to life like you did.  Here’s my last message to you- “Success is living up to your potential. That’s all.” We will remember you as the brilliant Necromancer that you were.

We will remember Tyler SkullDust with honor.

A very memorable moment. Tyler SkullDust is my right hand man, up there.

May you rest in peace, Tyler SkullDust.

-Dustin MoonCatcher & David TitanRider


6 Responses to “The Resignation of a Long-Time Friend”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Awwww! (Sniffles a little bit) Why, oh why is everyone stopping! What if friendly is next? What if I’m next?

  2. M.W.S Says:

    Sad wished I met him…

  3. Jessica FairyHeart Says:

    UGH! I hate this! Soon there are only going to be a few bloggers left! We spawned a new generation…. And they all left. *sigh*

  4. wizard101info Says:

    Wait Dustin isnt that your left though…

  5. wizard101info Says:

    P.S. TECHNICALLY he isnt dead so whats up with the R.I.P.

  6. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    *Sobs* Oh yeah, if we meet up in game, I wanna guess the words that you had to black out XD. Bye Tyler. Bye Seth. You guys were amazing bloggers and friends. I’m glad you completed your goal and finally added the Friendly Necromancer to your buddy list. (I think) Have fun with whatever now.
    Your old buddy,

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