Woah… Woah… An UPDATE!

Clever, clever, KingsIsle. They have, in a way, answered my prayers!

Woot! Here’s what KI is releasing into Wizard 101…

First of all, WING MOUNTS! Pretty sweet, I have to say. I like my Black Stallion a ton, so I probably won’t be buying a Seraph or a Bat Wings Mount, but these things are sick. Check it out!

Seraph Wings Mount

Bat Wings Mount

Another view of the Bat Wings Mount

Okay, so those are sweet. Well done KingIsle! But it’s NOT over yet! There’s still 2 more things I’ve gotta show you guys that they’re releasing!

*counts to 10, takes a deep breath*

Look, NEW WANDS AND STAFFS! I’ve always liked wands and staffs, but I have NEVER thought they’ve looked this cool before EVER.

Aren’t those all INSANELY sweeeeeeet? I’m putting my money on that the last one of those swords has a Storm card on it. Booyah!

And, lastly, Crowns gear clothing bundles! You guys all know about clothing bundles, right? Where you can buy a set of gear (Hat, Robe, Boot) with no stats but they look cool together? Those are perfect for stitching. I DON’T suggest that you stitch THESE new Crowns gear bundles.

Now, those cards aren’t that bad ;-) It’s not as good as the OLD Crowns gear, but it’s pretty sick, pretty sick.

And guess what? Do you wanna know when all this AWESOME stuff is getting LAUNCHED?

Go in-game tomorrow morning and clicky-clicky on the Crowns Shop. You’ll find all this stuff there. Sweet.

For more in-depth info on this new patch, click here.

I can’t wait!



One Response to “Woah… Woah… An UPDATE!”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    Yep, they are freakin awesome…

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