Homework In A Graveyard

Hi everyone,

Had a long night with setting up for WandCast broadcasts. Here’s the blog where new episodes are going to be posted. Check out the WandCast page on this blog for more info, too.

Something has been, um, troubling me… Autumn DuskHunter from Homework in a Graveyard. I’ve got some thoughts to share.

I’m relatively new in the blogosphere. Sure, this blog is listed on some great blogs. That’s awesome. People read Wizard 101 Info. I don’t get a 1,000 people a day, but maybe a 100 or 200. I haven’t been reading all these great W101 blogs for all that long. I haven’t! So when I was checking out the Protective Pyromancer’s blog (where he states he’s qutting :(), I noticed that he mentioned Homework in a Graveyard in his post. Saying that Autumn DuskHunter had quit Wizard 101 a long time ago, and that she was a great blogger.

*Google searches Homework in a Graveyard, and find’s Autumns old blog*

That’s what I did. And I read over some posts. Especially the one where Autumn quits. Really sad…

Even though I never knew Autumn DuskHunter, I am honored that some of my friends in-game were friends with her. She’s a new inspiration to me and what I’ve read of her blog is perhaps the most amazing blogging I’ve ever read. Really. I hope that if she were to come on to the Internet and look at all the young and new Wizard 101 bloggers {and podcasters :)} she’d be… how should I put this… proud of us all…

If anyone has got some stuff they wanna say, post it as a comment. That’s my thoughts that I feel like I needed to get down because I feel like I’ve missed a wonderful and ancient part of Wizard 101 blogging.



5 Responses to “Homework In A Graveyard”

  1. Jessica Fairyheart Says:

    I really loved Autumn… She was the person who spread the news… She really helped me get to where I am now. That’s why I will always have her memo on my blog…

  2. Blake Says:

    I have seen her bolg never met her put its really great

  3. Ronan Ravenshard Says:

    Only ten words describe her: She was so great, even friendly looked up to her. (She was also his first guest blogger.)

  4. Silverheart Says:

    I still have her wizard on my friends list I saw her once after she quit. She was very nice :) Yeah she quit around the end of the summer. It was abrupt she just stoped her blog took it off the internet and put it back on that was it I think it was strange.

  5. Autumn Duskhunter Says:

    “Be careful what you wish for” ;) The dead, in W101, never truly *stay* dead, do they?

    Thank you for your comments.

    “Celestia cometh soon”

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