The Vertical Mouse

I was at my grandpa’s last night playing Wizard 101 on his HP Pavillion Notebook (dv4 model). It used to be mine (long story) but I traded it for a Mac (I’ve got a 13-inch Macbook Pro). It was a sacrifice I was willing to make; a better computer but no W101 on it. Hey, it didn’t mean I would never be able to play because we’ve got a family PC that we’re using. Whatever. I’m rambling. Sorry! Onto the real juiciness of the post!

I’m into computers. They’re pretty cool, you know… I’m sure that if I had the money my grandpa does, I’d stock up on awesome stuff ;-) Alas, I don’t have that change. Just a week ago, my grandpa bought something really cool and new- The VERTICAL MOUSE! It’s a computer mouse, but it’s VERTICAL!

*crickets chrip*

Obviously you silly readers don’t understand… Here’s a few pics of vertical “mice” I got off Google (my grandpa’s one looks just like this)-

You know, it seems like it’s more natural for your hand to be in that position. Whatever… My grandpa’s vertical mouse was wireless… pretty sweet.

Just don’t ask about the price. Don’t go. Spare me, and DON’T ask.

It’s like 150 freaking dollars for ONE wireless mouse. UGH. They’re so cool!

That’s all. Am I the only one who thinks this is cool? Lol. May vertical mice rule cyberspace! MUAHAHA!


P.S. RainHeart the Theurgist is ALMOST 34! Wootz! Quiver in fear, Otomo Mercenaries, for soon I shall be gettin’ my hands on some sick Mooshu gear…

*a crack of thunder* *evil laugh*


4 Responses to “The Vertical Mouse”

  1. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    I think they’re cool…

  2. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Hmm. My friend has one of those, and I find regular mouses (mice?) easier to use, personally.

  3. wizard101info Says:

    well Dustin….. I mean its kinda cool but i prefer the normal mouse to the vertical one.

  4. sboy76 Says:

    My dad isn’t a big fan of it, though.

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