Woot! Michael Is 33!


*ahem* Sorry about that… But what comes with Level 33 for the Life School, you ask? CENTAUR! CENTAUR! WOOOOOOT!

The three Life “work-horse spells” in order- Natures Wrath, Seraph, and Centaur! And I’ve got the last one. Seriously, this is gonna make Mooshu a whole lot easier for me. That’s why I’ve been waiting to really get to deep into Mooshu because… I can’t without this last work-horse spell. WOOTZ! Some pics from the noble and modest MICHAEL LEVELING :D

Oh my gosh. When I press X, I'll be Level 33. Omg.

Heh heh. I PRESSED X! WOOTz!

Hey, Moolinda! You got a nice, new, shiny green Centaur card for me today? Do ya?

*ahem* She had the Centaur card. "WOWsome"!

Only problem is how crowded my current deck is getting… Can’t wait till 35 xD

Also, great job last night on Ravenwood Radio guys. Thanks for reading my tip on the show. Oh, and for whoever was listening, remember how Leesha said she got an email about something really awesome that’s gonna be on the next show or whatever? Well (as I said) I’m so eager for a new world, I’m willing to believe that a KingsIsle rep is gonna come on RR and announce CELESTIA XP! WOOT! I dunnoooo… I’m probably wrong… Can Steve and Leesha tell us if the email they got was from KingsIsle? Can you, can you? Oh, and Kestrel, can I guest star or make a segment for your “WandCast”?

CELEBRATE WITH THE RANDOM LLAMA SONG! (David showed this to me. IT’S AWESOME, but it get’s stuck in your head REALLY fast!)

That’s all for now, yo!



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