Sign Up For W.A.W. Cards

If you want a Word About a Wizard Card for yourself, attach a picture of your Wizard to an email to me ( Take your picture in a place that represents your School of Magic, but please don’t take the picture in your School. Also, make sure that we can see your face in the photo and that all overhead names are turned off. You can do this in the Settings/Options/whatever panel in your Spellbook. Ok, so email that to me, and also include this information.

Wizard Name:

Wizard Rank (ex. Novice, Apprentice, GrandMaster, Magus, Journeyman, etc.):

In-Game BFF’s:

Favorite Achievements or Badges (ex. Myth Senior (for GWC members), Master of Storm, Honorary Engineer, etc):

OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT! Just make it about your Wizard. Favorite Spell, or anything. ANYTHING xD

K. That’s that. Email this stuff to



2 Responses to “Sign Up For W.A.W. Cards”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    one tyler card coming up

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