Hidden Trainer Help #1: Croaky

So in the February edition of the Ravenwood Bulletin, there was a whole segment on hidden trainers in the Spiral. It was, however, woefully incomplete as it didn’t mention where exactly in the Spiral each of the trainers were. It said the World name, and a tip on where to find the trainer, but not and actual location.

I have accepted this as injustice to the Hidden Trainers of the Spiral and take it as my civic duty to reveal the locations of all of the ones mentioned in the Ravenwood Bulletin!

First on my list, Croaky. Here’s what they said about him in the Bulletin.

You SEE? It SAYS Digmoore Station, but how much help is that gonna do? I certainly don’t want young Wizards wandering Marleybonian roofs in these dangerous times… Here’s where Croaky is…

Pretty much as soon as you walk into Digmoore Station, stick to the left for a few seconds. Use the Mayor as a landmark.

Stop when you get to the Mayor and go down the stairs behind him.


There’s Croaky! Woot! Lets examine what he has for us to Train in…

Hmm… If you’re the type of person who’s into Minions, Croaky is your man. Those are pretty nice Spells that are all interactive with your Minion. I learned the Storm one (I forget what it’s called!) from Croaky for free, and I’ve never used it simply because I never use my minion. But boy, if you’re in the Spirit Schools, these are great. At least your Minions are affective :)

I’ll be posting more guides for the Hidden Trainers later, yo.



2 Responses to “Hidden Trainer Help #1: Croaky”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    I remember when I learned my balance one… I did an 1,000,000+ hit on my minion just to get 500 health. Also reshuffle is one of the best…

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