Pictures From The Awesome Pyromancer’s Party

Okay, I had a really great time at The Awesome Pyromancer’s party. I wanna thank both her and Amber (who hosted the party) for getting a bunch of great Wizards together. I appreciate it a ton. Here’s some pictures from the event. I’ve got some videos coming soon… Just gotta put them on YouTube.

Everyone partying on Amber's rug awesomeness. Chase, you should do a special feature on THIS rug coolness.

Another shot of the carpet coolness... AWESOME!

I get everyone to chant, "Thanks KingsIsle!" Yay!

Everyone got up to the podium one at a time to tell about themselve ITS.

A group picture of the attendees and hostesses.

When Friendly showed up, he lead everyone that was left at the party on a rampage (video coming later) in Undead form.

I’ll try to get the videos on soon. I loved this party!!!



3 Responses to “Pictures From The Awesome Pyromancer’s Party”

  1. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    I’m gonna do a post about my rug bridge XP! What you mean about me doing one for Amber’s? Idk what you talking bout Dustin :P.

  2. Silverheart Says:

    ohh you where saying thanks to kingsile (I don’t have text chat so I couldn’t tell) Yeah it was alot of fun : )

  3. The Friendly Necromancer Says:

    Had a ton of fun at the party! :-)

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