Thanks For Chattin’, Everyone!

David and I had such a great time last night in the chatroom chattin’ away with some of the greatest Wizards in history like Cassandra GriffinDreamer and Christina IceDreamer (although some of you may know her as IcyWiz). Christina gave me some great tips for how to overthrow Steve and Leesha’s Ravenwood Radio Empire… Nah, just kidding. But lemme tell you, Christina KNOWS her stuff when it comes to Wizard 101. You might THINK that you know how to spell your character’s last name (in this case MoonCatcher) on Twitter, when really, you’ve spelled it wrong xD

I’m really sorry we didn’t announce the time of our broadcast earlier. The time difference is also one thing. If you’re in Pacific Time, remember, 4:00 is 7:00 for us. If you can be on at 8:00 Pacific, then we certainly cannot be on then. Just saying.

Check out our TinyChat Info page to get more information on our broadcasts.



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