Major Snow Predictions! Woot!

Hiya everyone,

So I just finished watching the weather on the news, and guess how much snow is predicted for my area starting tomorrow at 7:00-9:00 AM EST?

18-24 freakin’ inches, baby!

So if you see a LOT of me on Wizard 101 in the next few days, that’s why. I’ll be broadcasting a bit in TinyChat of the course of the next few days, too.

Well, thanks Thaumaturges!



3 Responses to “Major Snow Predictions! Woot!”

  1. Jessica Fairyheart Says:

    Woot! I hope you’ll be on chat on Saturday, because it would be awesome!

  2. Blakesoulflame Says:

    lolz. Go thaumaturges!

  3. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Lucky – today my school was delayed for less than an inch on the roads, and tomorrow we don’t have school for narrative writing day (go private schools!). So I’ll be in game too!

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