Okay, I’m Recklessly Impulsive!

I am! I admit to the trait!


Sorry about that outburst. I’m having a great day. School got canceled ’cause it snowed around 3 inches. Of course, I logged on this morning expecting to see a Friends List full to bursting… My karma AGAIN! It was empty. Not a single virtual soul had decided to log on. Oh well. I had to go have a word with Duncan GrimWater, anyway. He’d been vandalizing Friendly’s campaign posters saying that he would never vote for Friendly. Oh boy, was I mad!

Lets just say that the Kraken got to finally duel Duncan. I’m not gonna tell you guys who won… It wouldn’t do Duncan justice. I hope he’s learned his lesson about badmouthing Friendly ;)

Alright, so I’ve stalled long enough. Time for me to explain to everyone why I titled this post, “Okay, I’m Recklessly Impulsive!” The only reason that I WOULD name this post that is because… well… I am! I’ve proved it recently… Has anyone noticed that in the picture of me giving Duncan a talk I’m riding a Black Stallion Mount? It’s permanent, yo!

Off of a sudden [reckless] impulse, I bought the Black Stallion Mount with the Crowns that David got me for my b-day. Here’s a pic of me doing some sweet air-time.

K, sorry, HERE’s the air time one-




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