Kinda Sudden, But TINYCHAT!

I just wanna announce to anyone lucky enough to NOT have scheduled something for tonight that David and I will most-likely be broadcasting live tonight (2/3/10) at around the following times for different Time Zones-

Eastern Time- 6:30

Central Time- 5:30

Mountain Time- 4:30

Pacific Time- 3:40

Click here to go to our chatroom. Click here to find out how to broadcast live.


P.S. This is just something we pulled up out of nowhere, so it’s cool if you can’t attend. There’s even chances that WE won’t be able to make it. LOW chances, though.


2 Responses to “Kinda Sudden, But TINYCHAT!”

  1. Blakesoulflame Says:

    Aw, cant make it. Would it be possible to make them at a later time (pacific?) I can usually do it around 5:00 for me. Of course, thats 8:00 for you guys so I dont know.

    • wizard101info Says:

      Yeah, the Time Zone difference is a really big issue with stuff like this. Hopefully over Spring or Summer Break we can have more “set-time” organized broadcasts. Sorry you couldn’t make it, Blake. Maybe nextime…

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