Woah, Kestrel. Woah.

For anyone who hasn’t yet, do yourself a FAVOR and CLICK ME!

Clicking on the CLICK ME! above would get you to a very awesome post by Kestrel ShadowThistle. She posted her Ravenwood Radio contest submissions on her blog (this time it’s poems) so be SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT. Kestrel has real talent. And so, if you didn’t do it the first time,



P.S. David, the karma thing is still going! While I have school today, you’re gonna be sitting in a comfortable chair in your basement playing Wizard 101 (not to mention with a foot of snow on the ground). *sigh* So sad…


3 Responses to “Woah, Kestrel. Woah.”

  1. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    I also wrote a halloween poem a while back.


    I’m stunned that anyone thinks my poetry is so good!

  2. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    Know that death scarab pet that I saw you asked Jessica about? If she hasn’t already told you, it was only available for about two weeks ever. The first time was from a code from 7/11 I think, and the second time (when I got it), the code was from a Pokemon marathon. It’s not available anymore.

  3. Silverheart Says:

    yeah I got mine the second time too did you ever notise that it is only beetles that are limeted like the storm beetle only avalible for the 1 million member or something (really glad I got that!) & Kestrel you are so good at poetry I could ryme to save my life (unless you want a roses are red violets are blue sort of thing)

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