The New Cody NightHunter

Oh, I’m so proud of Cody! After much of me nagging him, he final caved and let me buy him some Death-insignia gear from the Bazaar. Lets just say that after I walked his avatar around the Commons once in the new gear, he was sold and we Stitched immediately. And he had the right to be! Cody looks sick now. Here’s some screenshots-

Ah… He looks so cool! Almost as cool as Dustin…

Okay, so I was actually on the line about posting this next bit. It’s really thoroughly disgusting, so if you are the type of person who throws up at nasty stuff, don’t read on :) This is a glitch that I found with Cody when we were taking those awesome pics above-


Isn’t it horrible? That’s definitely the most nauseating glitch I’ve seen.



One Response to “The New Cody NightHunter”

  1. sgwiz Says:

    yuck! x vomits x

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