Free Housing Item: Samoorai Bust

For those of you who don’t know where the Sa”MOO”rai Bust (a free Housing item) is, I’m the guy to show you! Check this out:

Okay, so first off, go to the Hametsu Village in Mooshu. Just turn on your Compass and let it guide you from the Jade Palace.  I passed some Ninja Pigs on the way…

Seriously, I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve been to Mooshu! *sigh* I missed those little fellers… I can see now why Steve and Leesha adore them so :)

Alright, so once you walk a little bit into Hametsu Village, use your map to find a cute little guy called Jo Feng.

Do we all see the purple X in the picture across ? Do we ALLLLLLL see it? We’re all on the same page? Lets continue, then…

So, yea. Follow dat purple X. Just look behind the fire, yo!

Clever, clever KingsIsle. I remember myself doing the Mooshu Quest to put out those fires! Of course, now in the days of collectible Housing stuff, it only makes sense to put the item right by an interactive item! When a player walks up to the fire, the “Press to Collect” thingit appears. Now that I think about it, a lot of the early on Quests give Housing items. We (the people who beat these quests BEFORE Housing) really have missed out! This is part of the advantage of having an ALT, because you can just Share Bank the Quest rewards.


Oh yeah, the new Ravenwood Radio is out! Thanks so much for having Steve and Leesha answer my question, Wolf. It was a really great show. Keep up the sickly awesome work, guys.



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