Dragonspyre Awesomeness!

Alright, so Alia LotusPetal from the Wizard 101 Addict diary was in the Labyrinth with her friend, Isaac. Well, I think that’s his name…. So as Alia, Isaac, and I were walkin’ over to Andor or whatever, I noticed that there was a random and somehow intriguing random bridge pedestal! I was thinking, does it lead anywhere secret?

The pedestal! Ta-da!

Isn’t that cool?

*crickets chirp*

Nobody thinks it’s cool?  I thought that this was the coolest thing! It’s so… spontaneous! LOL. I went up to the bridge pedestal, but it wasn’t interactive :( Too bad… Anyway, when I went to tour Cassandra’s house I noticed that one of the heads on her Hydra statue looked really similar to the head on the pedestal.

Oooh.... That's such a cool statue!

Does everyone notice the similarity? Hmmm? I think that’s probably the Fire head because Dragonspyre was all into Fire…. I dunno….

I got this cool shot of a Triton, too.

I like how it looks like it’s charging up it’s trident with the crystal… Dragonspyre is sooooo cool!

-Dustin MoonCatcher


3 Responses to “Dragonspyre Awesomeness!”

  1. M.W.S Says:

    Never noticed the crystal lol… Thanks for the feedback on my page. :D

  2. Cassandra Says:

    There’s a hidden pathway behind your tiger in the first picture. do you think that pedestal has to do with uncovering it?

    • wizard101info Says:

      That’s just what I was thinking! Hmmm…. Maybe this is something to look into? It could definitely be a “secret”. Maybe it’s for a special Level 48 Spell Quest. I dunno…

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