ALT Adventure’s & Dustin’s House

Hiya, everyone!

I’ve been busy with TinyChat, so I haven’t posted in three days. Don’t worry, though! I’m here now to tell you the tales of what I’ve been up to in the past 3 days.

Yesterday, I interviewed Nicole (no last name) for the GWC Balance Junior in my study. She’s gonna send her application in to me soon, so yay! Chase really needs a Junior…

Hehe. I love my office! Once I get my house all finished, I’ll definitely post a tour. I also worked on my dining room area a bit more. I finished up the bar…

…and Samantha proudly ordered up the first sundae I’ve ever served! Yay! My big thinking problem, though, is the tables in the center of the room for dining upon a wondrous feast!

As you can see, I’m having some trouble figuring out what I’m going to put on the tables. I know, it’s a stupid question, “What should I put on a dining room table?” The answer is incredibly “duh”-worthy, and it’s FOOD. But I scanned the Bazaar for some tasty snacks for my tables and couldn’t find anything…

Yea… If anybody knows where or how I can get some dinner, please leave a comment! The room looks so incomplete without food on the tables… and pictures on the wall (I’ve gotta get some of those…)

I also finished up a little sitting area on the middle floor-

Yay! I think this looks awesome… I might need to get another padded armchair to balance the sofa out… Hmmmm….

So after working on my LOVELY home some, I hopped on Michael (my Life ALT) and did some quests in Mooshu, desperately trying to get to Level 33. He’s 32 now thanks to AWESOME side-quests in Hametsu Village…

All of the little… piglet creatures… in Hametsu give these INSANELY GOOD Defeat quests. That’s my not too badreward after killing 6 Bandits. 2000 XP! Noooot bad, not bad at all…

Anyway, when I was fighting those Ninja’s, I realized that those Cyclops’s can really pack a punch on your average Level 30-35 Wizard. After gettin’ hit with just about three of those things, I noticed a significant difference in my Health.

Ugh! It’s a cool screenshot, btw. Those things really annoy me… Not to mention that their Spell Animation is just to long! Now that I think about it, why didn’t I just buy a Storm Henchman? Well, readers, I didn’t buy a Storm Henchman for my fight because of this really wacky giltch…

Isn’t it weird? For a few days, this is what I’ve been getting whenever I open up my Crowns Shop. I found that the only way to change it is too EVERY time before I open it go into the Video Setting in my Spellbook and turn Smoothing all the way off. It doesn’t take long, but I wanna be able to just open the Crowns Shop without weird hassle, you know? Whatever. Does anyone else have a better way to tackle this problem?

Lastly, I’ve got a picture of my dad’s Thaumaturge for you-

That’s him; Artur IceBright. If you see him around, he might need a bit of help with questing :)

Thanks, everyone, and remember to always check out our chatroom if we’re online to talk with us.



6 Responses to “ALT Adventure’s & Dustin’s House”

  1. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    You could put candles on the center of the tables… Just a thought. There’s a crowns items Turkey platter that dropped for me from a boss that I forget. And there’s a lot of food that you get from Marleybone side quests. I’ll keep looking for more for you.

  2. Chase WillowWeaver Says:

    Ugh, I wish Ash would get on!!!

  3. Sierra Starsong Says:

    I’ve got that same problem with the crowns shop going all weird. It usually still works, just really hard to see what I’m doing.

  4. Heather Raven Says:

    You can get some food in dishes at the Krokotopia housing shop. Most of them are crowns though…

  5. Blake Soulflame Says:


    I myself have a pretty big bar, but its more like a Buffet Restaurant then anything! Its my favorite room, and its totally loaded…bars, soda barrels, pumpkins, sausages, punch bowls, sundaes, plates on tables, cakes, mugs, i think four or five tables, most with two chairs, one with three, turkey platters, and more! i can send you some pics if you want…I just ask that if i do you dont copy it too much. Lol.

  6. Tatiana Dreampetal Says:

    Yay i saw his house in person yesterday! He does put food (duh) and i got some exciting news

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