Our First Official “TinyChat”

Hi everyone!

Right off the bat, I wanna personally thank everyone who was in the chatroom for helping us with our first “broadcast”. It was so much fun to talk with all of you! I would also like to answer some questions from the people that were in the chartroom with us.

From Kestrel ShadowThistle, Life Senior, Ideas-

1.  Announce a lot earlier when you are going live, having a live show or something.  Make an announcement like, 5 days prior and then another one in the morning before the show.

2.  Have a link easily accessible on the sidebar to the tinychat url.  It’s harder for people if they have to look.


4.  Make sure you give directions on how to do a microphone.  I know I still am confused.

Follow these steps to success and you might just be the next Ravenwood Radio!

Okay, so everyone in the chatroom has been asking us this stuff! Thank you, Kestrel, for getting to the bottom of it by asking David and I! Here’s my answers, or comments on the comments…

1. Yea, I know, we do have to announce MUCH earlier when we are going to broadcast in the chatroom “officially”. David planned this most recent one, but I did make the chatroom, so I’ll need to make sure I do that. Also, if you see David or Dustin in game, don’t wait for us to tell you to come to the chatroom! Just come, people! It’s most likely that if we’re playing Wizard 101, we’re broadcasting in our wonderful TinyChat room. We’re also gonna plan “official time-set broadcasts”, so I hope that helps. And we’ll let you know early!

2. There IS one in the sidebar… At least, I think there is. I’ll check right after I finish this post up.

3. Great idea! I was having trouble with this for the live Ravenwood Radios, so it was great when some one let me know about Time Temperature.com . I’ll put a link to it in the sidebar as well. If you click on that one I just posted, it gives you not only WORLD times but US times that can be useful for planning ahead. Hope it helps. It’s easy to use, so I won’t explain it here.

4. Not only am I going to make a video guide with my voice on it helping you guys out on how to bring your MICROPHONE ONLY into our broadcast, I’m going to make a whole TinyChatting page on this blog for us. It’ll have the latest times & dates, etc.

Now, there’s no number next to your last little comment, Kestrel, but I wanna talk about it anyway. David, too, has been PESTERING me about how Stephen and Leesha of Ravenwood Radio are going to take offense to our broadcasts, thinking that we are copying from them. Lemme clear this up right now. I DO NOT think that our TinyChat room is a “podcast”. I think it is a communication tool that will make it easier for all bloggers and non-bloggers alike to get in touch as they play Wizard 101. Remember how I’ve told you guys that David and I usually talk on the phone when we play together? I hope that this chatroom will act, if you will, as a virtual “phone” for all of us to talk to each other with. I don’t mean, OBVIOUSLY, that I want ANYONE to start blabbing their address or anything out there. Just come on in and listen to our broadcast. It’ll help with duel’s (TALKING while you duel!), etc. So if there’s anymore questions on this, PLEASE x1,000,000,000, LET US KNOW :)

Also, we got a very friendly email from Blake SoulFlame saying…

Even though I only got my microphone working in like, the last 5 minutes i was able to be on, I loved it. Can you do it again today?

Lol, thanks so much Blake! I know, it’s kinda confusing because I typed the first half of this post yesterday (1-19) and now I type on (1-20). So, future Dustin, you’re going to broadcast on the night of 1-20! Yay! LOL.

New page about TinyChat comin’ soon! And don’t worry, we’re STILL gonna post here regularly.

-Dustin MoonCatcher


2 Responses to “Our First Official “TinyChat””

  1. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    No problemo. And I would make that link a lot bigger in the sidebar if I was you, like, it’s own little section, not on the blogroll.

  2. jonathandeathstalker Says:

    hi dustin and david

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