Tinychating at 9:00 P.m.

Title self explainatory. go to http://www.tinychat.com/wizard101info

and at 9:00 P.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIME David (and maybe Dustin) will be talking and anyone who wants to join can join. TUESDAY 19th of January!

Dustin set up the site(it was never my idea)



2 Responses to “Tinychating at 9:00 P.m.”

  1. Kestrel Shadowthistle Says:

    1. Announce a lot earlier when you are going live, having a live show or something. Make an announcement like, 5 days prior and then another one in the morning before the show.

    2. Have a link easily accessible on the sidebar to the tinychat url. It’s harder for people if they have to look.

    3. Post ALL TIME ZONES.

    4. Make sure you give directions on how to do a microphone. I know I still am confused.

    Follow these steps to success and you might just be the next Ravenwood Radio!

  2. M.W.S Says:

    Wow… Nice check out my blog though and I WOULD really love to talk w/ you guys.


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