David’s Question; Answered By Dustin

Yup, so David asked me a question! That’s right, a question! Ahh, I feel so good knowing that I once had a bit of knowledge more then him. As I said, had. I’m gonna answer it here, you know…

So David wanted to know why Prospector Zeke didn’t have the items he used to have. Before the update with the new Crowns Shop and the Mounts, Zeke would have some rare Robes, Boots, and Hats at each World. After the update… well… I’m going to explain this.

If you opened up Zeke’s store now, in any World, you’d get this window-

So great if you wanna buy 1-Day Rental Mounts.

Here’s the fun part.

Okay, so say you wanted to buy a Surcoat of Charge in DragonSpyre. The Surcoat gives Helephant, and can be purchased with Crowns using THIS guide. This is in all of the Worlds, so just take what you learn at this post and apply it to shopping in all the other Worlds. Does everyone follow me so far? Cool.

Basically, for Zeke’s DragonSpyre Robes, Hats, and Boots, you’re going to need to head to the Atheneum.

Way to tell the readers, self!

Okay, so once you teleport into the Atheneum, you’re gonna want to find the shop that has what you’re looking for on the banner outside it. In my demonstration, I’ll be looking for the Surcoat of Charge. It’s a Robe. So…

Boom. The Hat and the Robe to the left of Dustin’s head show that there are Robes and Hats in the building. There’s also Athames, according to the banner with an Athame on it. What you do when you get into the building behind Dustin in the picture above (I think it’s the DragonSpyre Academy Library, but whatever; you can’t buy Treasure Cards there), is you find the steps and go up ’em.

And to the right (I think…)…

You see?!? That Andrei took all of Zeke’s goods! Basically what I’m trying to explain is that all the gear that Zeke used to have was spread to all of the Equipment Vendors in all the Worlds. If I’m looking for a DragonSpyre Crowns Robe, I’m gonna go to Andrei here, because he’s the DragonSpyre Robe and Hat vendor. Does everyone understand?

Alright… So I load up Andrei’s shop, click over a few pages and viola.

Check it out. The Surcoat of Charge is there on the very last page (I wanna add that the other Crowns Robes are there too, on the previous page), and you can also notice that the currency type has changed to Crowns. Easy as pie.

David, I hope this answers your question… Your welcome :)

On another note, tomorrow David & I will be on our TinyChat channel (available in link form in the Blogroll in the sidebar, or click here) for some time while we play Wizard 101. I’ll post when we start broadcasting, but I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have a mic, this would be the time to plug it on in to your computer. I’ve enabled my “show” to allow anyone who wants to broadcast alongside David and I with audio. Please DO NOT broadcast video. If you broadcast video, you’ll be ejected from the chatroom. NO LANGUAGE! Of course, you can just type along to whatever we’re saying if you don’t wanna talk :) We’ll be in game as well, so it’ll serve as a meetup time, I think. Cody NightHunter might be there, too. Look at the time! I gotta hit the pillows…



One Response to “David’s Question; Answered By Dustin”

  1. Sierra Starsong Says:

    Dustin, thanks again for stopping by Grand Chasm Past last night to help my husband’s Balance wizard destroy General Firetusk!

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