Wizard 101 Info on TinyChat

So I just created a Wizard 101 Info chatroom on TinyChat (click here), which lets me broadcast video and audio with a chartroom. I was thinking… maybe David and I will do a sort of podcast inspired by Ravenwood Radio. Who knows… So check it out sometimes, because I’ll be talking on there. If I can figure it out, I’ll get it so that everyone can talk but (sorry!) no video. And if you say anything that has to do with Real Life or your address or WHATEVER, you’re outta there. Use it responsibly!

That’s all.

***UPDATE*** Thanks so much to Abigail MythHammer of Mythspent Youth for helping me test the TinyChat system. Also, thanks to Leesha DarkHeart and Wolf RedFist for dropping in. The system is really cool because if you have a mic, you can talk. Of course, please don’t show your webcam or whatever, but talking is just fine by my standards. I’m going to broadcast regularly when I’m online. If you’re in the chatroom and wondering how to activate your mic, I’ll help you out by telling you. So I’m really happy I’ve got it working. Thanks everyone! The link is available in the blogroll. ***UPDATE***



3 Responses to “Wizard 101 Info on TinyChat”

  1. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    what happened between you and David? I saw his post by email…

  2. Connor Shadowstalker Says:

    ok, I will.

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