Upon My Return; The Things I’ve Seen So Far!

At last! At long last I am back up and posting! Woot! Yay! LOL! XD! YEEEEEEEEEES!

Enough of my hysterics. Today, I have a thrilling tale of Wizard 101 adventures for you. They started tonight with…

Yeah… a sad case of an empty “Online Friends” list. Not good. I can’t be the social butterfly that I am! ***UPDATE*** Ok, so as I was typing this post Cassandra logged on. UPDATE*** But whatever, there’s plenty too do! After listening to the Ravenwood Radio, Ep. 7 (not the live version, sorry! Couldn’t make it :(…), I was inspired to take part in Wolf RedFist’s “Super Humungous Balance Smash…” or whatever he calls it. Those plump little Judgements just WAITING to be mine… I must admit, I really cracked myself up on this one.


Seriously, I’ve always wanted to know the story behind why Lady Oriel and Lady Judge have the same wings and overall look. NO joke, people!

OK, so after I had finished asking Alhazred (“-sensei”… Cassandra…) my IMPORTANT question, I wandered over to MooShu too check out what Crafting Recipes that little Toshio has got up his sleeves. But when I got there, I realized something in common about 3 of the Worlds of the Spiral! Here’s three pictures of the similarities between MooShu, MarleyBone, and Grizzlehiem.

I kinda realized that all three of those Worlds are based around a central “castle” or “Jade Palace”. I dunno why I’ve decided to share it… I just noticed it.

Besides taking those screenshots, I read myself up to date on all the blogs. I’ve heard about how KingsIsle has opened up the Test Realm for a bit so that people can try and… crash it? Hmmm… Is it worth checking it out? In all the pictures that Friendly and Cassandra took, it looks like a blast… but taking the time to download the WHOLE dang thing again!? Ugh. Anyway, lemme know if you think I should join in on the Test Realm.

Also, I when I checked Kestrel’s blog, I saw a post exclaiming, “YES! AT LAST,” or whatever. Kestrel got the Life House! WOOT! I think that it won’t take her long to decorate, so I wanna make a… Kestrel Extravaganza post or something, with the tour of her Life & Krok one.

Alright, so going back to the pre-recorded version of Ep. 7 of Ravenwood Radio, the whole thing about taking all the other School’s spells and giving them a Death them resonated in my mind. Well, the whole “Yeah, Leesha, DEATH MANIA! Gimme a Death Mander exchange student!” thing did ;-) So just to pick on Stephen and Leesha a bit (no offense, guys :)), I talked to the residents of some Worlds about how they might feel about being turned all… skeletionized ;P

Ha ha! I think it’s so funny how Stephen wants to be a Mander! I could TOTALLY see that…

Rock the Victorian dress look, Abby!

Anyway, Steve and Leesh :), great show! It was nice to hear Wolf’s voice for once, too. Too bad Friendly couldn’t make it… Btw.

That’s basically all I did upon my return. Yay! More posts coming this weekend.

-Dustin MoonCatcher


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