My Return

Hi, everyone!

Dustin here! The reason I haven’t posted in the last… week… is because I’ve just been really busy. I had lots of homework (exams are coming up for me) and I had to accompany my fellow classmates this Mon-Wed to a 2-night “sleep away” education outdoors thing. I’m sorry, I sound pathetic. I ALSO can’t make it to the live Ravenwood Radio tonight, because I have to get up early for something!

Look, I’m so sad about all this! I really wanna get online with Kestrel and Tyler and David and Cody and talk about the GWC and W101 and the blogosphere and the latest news, but I’ve just been really busy.

BUT this weekend, if you wanna chat in-game with me, I will BE online. Like, I GUARANTEE  it to you guys. Again, my apologies. Especially to Kestrel, because she’s probably been sitting around wondering why the tour of her Krokotopia Castle hasn’t been posted on this blog yet…

This weekend, friends, this weekend.

-Dustin MoonCatcher


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