Finishing Up Mirkholm Keep and Jotun

How is everyone’s New Year’s Day going? Hope you’re having a blast.

I first wanna mention that my dad actually started a Novice today, a Thaumaturge. He’s Level 5 right now, and his name is Artur IceBright. Yay! Maybe he’ll get addicted…. LOL!

So today in Wizard 101 I finished up a pretty big chunk of Grizzleheim. I beat up to Munin MistWeaver in Mirkholm Keep with Alex SoulSlinger. Thanks, Alex! Then I actually fought Munin with the aid of Cassandra, David, and Chase. It was a blast, and that Raven finished.

This doesn't have to do with Munin, but isn't that a weird bug on the dagger-Sigil Grendel?

We snuck into Munin's "palace" and prepared for our ambush.

CHARGGGE! The minion is taken down and that Raven was left to face us...

We decided to frustrate Munin's soul MORE by taking our time to leave his filthy lair and taking a group photo XD

David, who is never quite prepared for anything :P, decided he WASN’T going to have some awesome Fire gear that had the Fire insignia all over it. Soooo it was just Cass and Chase and I who had the cool gear on. Oh well… (He told me he would throttle me if I wrote that, so GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD XD) My new goal was to speak with the King of Grizzleheim.

I must bow before him as an act of courtesy ;P

After a little chat with Valgard where he told me about how mad he was with the Ravens for screwing everything up, he gave me the quest to defeat JOTUN! GAH!

No comment here. It would make me cry :(

Well, all I had to say was “GAAAAAAAAH!”. I remember when fighting Jotun was David’s quest and he died every time he tried to take down the “booger-like monster & his ugly bro’s” (thanks to David for the choice of vocabulary), he would fall victim to the threesome of terror. So when I told him I had the quest, he told me, “Have fun!” and then fed me a horror story about his failed attempts. Now, I’m a Storm Wizard, and I don’t like naysayers.

I knew I had to assemble a team of honor and dignity that would take down the beast! First on my list was Chase WillowWeaver, a young but experienced Balance mage (also W101 Info’s #1 fan :)). I wanted him first to be a decoy and then to boost up our team in battle. “I AIN’T NO DECOY!” he claimed…

I opened up the Trade window and gave the kid a few Orthrus and a Power Nova. He was in ;)

Of course, Samantha ThunderDust, my VERY warm-hearted and Fire-y friend was eager to help.

Then I actually got David to help us. I think he was feeling pitiful, and wanted to prove that we would all die.

We wandered down into Nidavellir, then to the Hall of Valor. After Chase did his final decoy move, who would teleport in but Nathaniel FireEyes, who I know in Real Life and is Level 47. A Necromancer. AND since he didn’t have Text Chat, I couldn’t tell him politely to leave. Chase wasn’t too happy about this, but Nathaniel did pretty well in that duel when he sacrificed himself for David. Chase the Sorcerer cheated me out of Orthruses :)! He didn’t have to fight Jotun, you see…

The duel was great. Supercalifragilisticzexpialidocius. For all you people who know how to spell that, don’t leave comments that are correcting me. Please don’t. I cast up a 14 Pip Tempest and then summoned a Storm Lord who took about 3/4 health out of Jotun’s brothers. David finished Grettir and the Death Grendel with a Fire Dragon.

I know, it might sound weird, but I really need to thank Samantha on this one. She put on double Elemental & Fire blades on herself and then wack-ed Jotun in 2 hits with Helephants! She was how we won that duel, and my big thanks goes to her.

Well, it’s time for me to go to bed :( Since school is starting back up on Monday for me, I have to start getting back on my “normal” sleep schedule. On a school day, I’ll get up at 6:00 and be out the door @ 7:12, sharp.


Winter Break has been good, with a lot of Wizard 101 packed into it. I’ve been on a TON, so I’m sure this streak of playing for three hours every day  is gonna die down as SCHOOL begins :P

*sigh again*

Now I’m just ranting… That’s the nice thing about blogging, you can rant to air!

Keep on Casting,

Dustin MoonCatcher


7 Responses to “Finishing Up Mirkholm Keep and Jotun”

  1. The Protective Pyromancer Says:

    LOL! I did that yesterday! Now I too have the quest for dreaded Jotun. But then again, you have the best type of friends! By the time I beat him you’ll have long done it.

  2. some random dude Says:

    i’m still in mirkholm keep. I read alot of blogs to entertain myself, but something strange was that I bought Nidavellir in my early 20s, lol. I snuck past gaurds, but 2 sapscars caught me. I was suprized to take 1 of them out before I died. ps you can just take out his bros in the 2 other instaces first, (left & right, moon & sun ect) then battle joton and sapscar by themselves, making it soloable. (yes I read other blogs & forums. go figure! google it!)

  3. some random dude Says:

    Also what is the deal with this stuff like protective pyromancer, friendly necromancer, SEIRIOUSLY! is there one for life? (the only one i’m working on. lvl 36)also google something related to crown scam on wizard101. look for me. i said the thing about kicking them so far up thier (cuss word), they will be saing (cuss word) for days. then I discovered thier amazingly low! literally. tell me if you Know any other blogs like that. 1st & 2nd sentences. looking for mooshoo boss guide & some one that would come with me on 4rth go at sunken city & plague oni. (lvl 38 thurge only dryad spell.) looking forward for 3 new schools, Celestia & poison ivy attack along with lvl 60 grandmmaster boost coming soon) lvl 36 thurge, Trevor Goldenstaff , member of the watch & can teleport to tower archives & hall of (word/blank) in dragonspyre

  4. some random dude Says:

    ah crap I think I could of finished my quest but now it’s closed. what if they’re using the time to create the new test realm things (hope so!)

  5. some random dude Says:

    crap 3 & 1/4 hours before it’s open agan. this is going to be atot of cheap & suckish blogs. (not this.this is the only blog I figured out how to post on lol!)

  6. some random dude Says:

    Finished mirkholm at lvl 35. Lvled up 1ce from it lol. need to finish marleybone & get up 4 more times in mooshu to get Joton

  7. some random dude Says:

    i’m srry lvl 36

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