The Bookworm Badge: Mystery Solved!

Happy New Year! 2009 is in the past! Is Celestia in 2010 ;)? Lets hope…

I was working on my ALT today (ALTernate character), Michael RainHeart, and I accidentally discovered how to earn the Bookworm badge! It’s really simple, and it starts with Boris TallStaff in the Wizard City Library’s quest, “Roving Reporter”. Here he is with Michael…

Love to see Storm Wizards taking a stand and trying to learn about history… That’s what the quest-line is about. Boris asks you to go around and ask all the Professors of Magic about the Schools they teach. He sends you out a few times to talk to people like HeadMaster Ambrose, Bartleby, Gamma, and the School Trees. Really easy stuff… So after you go out and talk to various NPC’s a few times, he gives you a quest to talk to Harold Argleston, the Librarian. HE then gives you the quest to find the History of Magic books hidden around Wizard City… and a Bookworm badge.

See that Bookworm badge he gave Michael? So it’s a really easy quest-line to do to get the badge, and I think it’s worth it if you’re a relatively low-level Wizard. I think since you can earn this badge at such a low level, when the new badges came out many of the 40-50 Level Wizards had completed it as youth-ly students didn’t know why they had it. Oh well… We have solved the mystery!

Again, Happy New Year, and I look forward to supplying all of you great posts in 2010.


P.S. Thanks, Friendly, for adding me onto your list today & complementing this blog! It means a ton to me.


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